Key BCS impact games for Cards this week

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

These games will directly affect our slim chances as a top 14 at-large selection.

Oklahoma St @ Texas Tech: One of these will be knocked out of BCS consideration today. Both are ahead of UofL, so we should move up at least one spot this week.

Michigan @ Sparty: The winner of this one could leapfrog us, depending on how the game is played. If it's an ugly game (most likely), I think we keep our lead on the winner. The loser will be knocked out of BCS consideration.

Mississippi St @ South Carolina: A Bulldog win means the fake USC is out of the BCS top 14 and out of the SEC title game race. Not likely, but they 'sposed be SEC. Go second-rate Dawgs.

UT @ Mizzou: Can Butch Jones nip up and get a signature road win? Mizzou is devastated after last week's loss. Will they lose to SC two weeks in a row? Mizzou will likely be starting their backup QB and a backup RB. A loss could drop them 8-10 spots.

Clemson @ UVA: Clemson will likely take care of business, but they have had a dangerous habit of letting lesser teams hang around with them on the road. UVA has athletes. And Clemson gon' Clemson at some point this year. Is this the game? A loss here would be catastrophic to their BCS hopes.

Auburn @ Arkansas: Can Arky and Bielema get a signature home win for those die hard Hogs fans? Not likely, but if they can get the running game going and play keep away, Auburn's tenuous hold on unfounded confidence could come crashing down to Earth. We might not jump them if they lose this week, but I don't see how a 3-loss Auburn (they will eventually lose to Bama) stays ahead of us.

Miami @ FSU: If Miami loses badly, they'll stay just ahead of us, I think. But another loss would drop them down.

Nevada @ Fresno: No chance here. Fresno wins. They are looking really likely to run the table and get that automatic bid, unless we or UCF can somehow jump them.

NIU @ UMass: Same. We really need these guys to lose somehow, and each week it seems less and less likely.

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