The Cornell Boom

Andy Lyons

Louisville has boomed in all 3 games this season. There was a difference with the Cornell game. While the Hofstra boom was huge, 35-2, the Cornell run game before the first media timeout. That's the period that I'm going to cover today.

Things got off to an ominous start for the Big Red when the game was delayed by the lights going out. Would they have played better in the alternate reality where the game started at 7? Who knows. Probably not because we good. Rick Pitino didn't stay up all night worried about this game for no reason.

All images from Watch ESPN.



This is the first Cards possession. It had to have been a play they had been practicing all week. Wayne dribbled up top, handed off, then exploded around a Harrell screen for a beautiful lob play. Ran it to perfection.


Russ missed a jumper. You won't see missed a lot in this post when referring to the Cards.



This is a defensive mix up by Cornell. The center and guard switched the screen set by Harrell. The guard went with Trez, the center stayed on Russ. The center decided to go back to Harrell, leaving Russ wide open. That might be the easiest shot Russ gets all year. Someone willingly left him.


Trez turned it over due to an offensive foul.


Russ made a steal, flew down court and drew a foul. He made both free throws.



Chris Jones storms down the floor. He caught the Cornell center one on one . The big man couldn't stop the ball. Jones is able to avoid him for a layup.



Louisville really worked the screen game. Jones is coming off a Van Treese screen. Jones is matched up on the center. The guy with his hand up was suppose to be on Jones. Chris pulls up, fires and scores. That's not a dimension the Cards had last year. Siva's game wasn't pull up jumpers like that. Cornell was awful at guarding the simple screen.



I'm not exactly sure how to label this one. It was kind of in transition because Russ ran the rebound up the floor. Wayne ran to the corner. His man was not prepared to play defense. Hand down, man down. Wayne played really well Friday night. I put this down as transition. I'm not Luke Winn, no one cares what's accurate.



Russ dunk






SVT showing off that fast break game after another steal.

When you break the points down, they look like this:

Transition/Fast break -11

Half court - 7

Free throws - 2

Louisville was 8-9 from the field with 1 turnover. That's not too shabby.

Cornell's possessions during this span were:

  1. Missed layup
  2. Missed 3, dunk
  3. Turnover - travel
  4. Missed jumper
  5. Turnover - Russ steal
  6. Missed layup
  7. Missed jumper
  8. Missed jumper
  9. Missed jumper, turnover - Russ steal
  10. Turnover - SVT steal
  11. Turnover - SVT steal

1-8, 2 points. 5 turnovers. That's not efficient.

A 20-2 opening segment is pretty hard for anyone to overcome. It certainly was for Cornell. I don't think that Cornell could have hit the broad side of a horse's ass in the first half. Up all night Pitino added with 15 minutes of black out preparation Pitino was too much Pitino for them to handle. It didn't help them that he entered the game with 666 wins, which might be why the lights went out. We'll never know.

In closing, there is this.


That's the Levitch 3 pointer. 99.9% certain the guy in the 3rd row standing and fist pumping was Mike. Levitch acted like he's been there before. Mike probably needed a change of pants. If this doesn't end up getting promoted, that sentence is why.

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