Tanking for Teddy

I wrote a previous Fan Post about Play Dead for Ted and mentioned I would revisit it after the teams had played 8 games. That would be this weekend, as some teams have played 10 games already, and all of them have played at least 9. The most likely destinations remain the same.

Jacksonville won over the weekend. They also have 3 games left that they have a decent chance to win: All home games against Buffalo, Arizona, and a return game against their lone win, Tennessee. Can they win some of those? Certainly. Will they? Who knows. Let's be nicer to them than I was at the beginning of the season, and grant one out of the 3.

Tampa Bay has the lone win against Miami , and has only 2 games left where they might stand a good chance of winning: Buffalo and St. Louis. No way they win them both, and they might not win any. If they end up with only 1 win, they most likely win the Teddy Sweepstakes.

Minnesota already has 2 wins, and has no easy games left, so they may end up with only 2 at the end of the season. That would only help them if the teams above them in draft order pass on Teddy, and while I do not see that happening, some folks may need to be convinced.

If the draft order were determined today, the first 5 picks would reside with Tampa, Jacksonville, Minnesota, Houston, and Atlanta. I cannot see Atlanta picking a QB with their #1 pick. They have too many other holes, and a good QB already.

So, if we keep our forecast to the other 4 teams, and allow for the ones who might go with a D lineman, or some other QB, we can see where our Teddy might be playing next year, should he go in the draft as expected.
Tampa, Jacksonville, Minnesota, and Houston all can use Ted. Houston would be a blessing, as that team is Play Off ready. They will win more games, so I could only dream for that. Minnesota would also be good for Ted, as the stadium is domed, and he would have AP in the backfield.

I wouldn't send Hondo to Jacksonville, they are that inept. Should they get the #1 pick, they will not take Teddy but would probably choose the Heisman winner, or Clowney. Should another underclassman QB win the Heisman, and return to college, I believe Jacksonville would pick Mariotta over Teddy, because they are that messed up.
So, IMO, it is off to Tampa for Teddy, unless he chooses to return to U of L and compete in the ACC. I am not holding my breath.

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