The Charleston Boom

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

With 6:51 to go on Saturday, Louisville had Charleston down 48-45. Ten seconds later, the boom happened. Rick Pitino Coach K talked about the boom last year, where Louisville put the hammer down on Duke to blow them away. Fortunately for us, unfortunately for Charleston I guess, that awesome aspect to the Cards resurfaced in the opener.

It really looked like Charleston was going to hang around. They were making smart plays on offense. They kept the ball relatively safe with 13 turnovers. Louisville was doing something rife for upsets, missing a lot of shots. Louisville shot 38% on the game. The Cards were a putrid 14-23 from the foul line, which helped Charleston even more. But the Cougs, just like their Houston nickname partners, let success slip through their fingers. Still bitter about that. CATCH THE BALL, JERKS.

Here are the Louisville possessions from 6:41 to the end of the game. The photos are from Watch ESPN.

1) Russ draws a foul off a high screen. Smith makes both free throws.

2) This possession stayed alive by SVT getting on the floor to deflect the ball to keep things alive. Russ came off an SVT screen, got into the lane and dropped off to Trez for a layup.


SVT is circled for his screen, Russ is the white jersey in the lane. He had the option to kick to a wide open Blackshear or dump to Harrell. If Trez didn't have a shot, he could have kicked to Jones. 4 players for Charleston were in the paint.



This is the run out off a miss. Wayne gets ahead of everyone. Russ makes a beautiful Nice Pass Russ for a dunk. A Fat dunk.

4) Harrell missed two free throws. Not all possessions were winners.



Chris Jones had a screen from Harrell but he didn't really use it. He was able to take his man off the dribble for a shot from the logo. It was a strong move. In less than two minutes, it was an 11 point game.

6) Russ missed a layup, Wayne got the rebound then drew a foul. He would make both free throws.



This is following a Van Treese steal. Jones pushes the ball up the floor. Wayne gets in great position for a wide open 3 pointer. Trez got down the floor quickly as well, which drew the Charleston defense. Great transition offense by the Cards.



SVT and Trez set a double screen up top. You can see SVT admiring the result of his work. Russ turned the corner, his man got hung up, and no one was there to protect the rim. Easy bucket. It's once again a 16 point game.



This Russ break came after another SVT steal. I took the image here because look at the positioning of Barry. He's on skates. Russ is so explosive in the open floor. This is a great example of how. His layup attempt would be goal tended.

10) Louisville would miss a pair of 3 pointers on the next trip.



Chris Jones made a steal on the defensive end. He raced into the lane, he's the player on the right block. Russ did the smart thing by leaking out to the corner. Jones did the smarter thing by passing to him. Notice how he screened off after his pass. Charleston had no shot at blocking his. Shot puns.

Louisville hung a 20-2 run in 4 minutes and 20 seconds. The sign of a great team is getting points off their defense. The Cards did that excessively to close out Charleston. Here's how Louisville got the points.

Free throws: 4

Half court set: 6

Transition / Fast Break: 10

Here are Charleston's possessions to close the game.

  1. Turnover on thrown away pass.
  2. Missed 3, blocked shot, missed 3
  3. Turnovers on a Blackshear steal
  4. Turnover on a charge
  5. Turnover by losing the ball on the dribble
  6. Turnover on a poor pass into the post
  7. Layup
  8. Turnover on a poor pass into the post
  9. Turnover on an inbound pass
  10. Turnover on a Jones steal
  11. Missed 3
  12. 1 of 2 free throws

1-5 from the field, 1 of 2 from the line with 8 turnovers.

The Cougars were simply overwhelmed by the Cardinal boom. We're the boom kings.

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