Louisville Starts the Climb this Week

Don't give up CARD FANS, we are still on the collision course with a National Championship. The only variable is whether it will be 2013 or 2014. The Climb starts this week...and no, it is not the same climb sung about by Miley Cyrus, who apparently fell off the mountain on her way up...but that's another story.

Stat of the Week: The LOUISVILLE CARDINALS have outscored their opponents in the first half this year by a margin of 127-3.

There are now 17 undefeated teams in the nation, and 5 teams with one loss in the SEC who are currently in the Top 25. That's 22 total teams in those categories, down from 25 last week. Let's keep that list dwindling! Let's take a look at this week's UNDEFEATED list:

ACC: Clemson, Florida State, Miami

Big 12: Oklahoma, Texas Tech, Baylor


Pac 12: Stanford, Oregon, UCLA

Big 10: Michigan, Ohio State,

SEC: Alabama, Missouri

Mountain West: Fresno State

MAC: Northern Illinois

As to the one-loss SEC teams in the Top 25, they are Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, LSU, and Texas A&M.

Here's the entire schedule this week for these 22 teams...

#1 Alabama at Kentucky

#2 Oregon at Washington

#3 Ohio State---BYE

Boston College at #4 Clemson

#5 Stanford at Utah

#6 Florida State---BYE

Rutgers at #8 LOUISVILLE

#9 Texas A&M at Ole Miss

#10 Oklahoma vs. Texas

#17 Florida at #11 LSU

#12 South Carolina at Arkansas

Cal at #13 UCLA

#14 Miami---BYE

#15 Baylor @Kansas State

#16 Michigan at Penn State

Iowa State at #21 Texas Tech

#22 Fresno State--- BYE

Akron at #23 Northern Illinois

Memphis at Houston

My UPSET SPECIALS this week:

Missouri over Georgia

Washington over Oregon

Utah over Stanford

Florida over LSU

And let's take the Ole Miss Rebels over Texas A&M

Yes... I will keep picking upsets most likely to help the CARDS...Eventually the upsets will start to happen.

I will be in attendance at this week's game, and I expect the CARDS to put up over 50 on this nationally televised Thursday night game....Let's go with 52-13.

Worst case scenario when CARDS win: The teams above them will all win, but nobody will jump them this time, leaving the CARDS at #8 in the polls.

Best case scenario when CARDS win: Oregon, Stanford, and Georgia all lose, moving the CARDS to #5. Yes, I know those would be big upsets....

Most likely scenario when CARDS win: One of the above upsets will in fact happen this week, bumping the CARDS to # 7 when the next polls are released. And they will hit at least # 6 the following week, when the loser of Florida State-Clemson falters.

What are your thoughts?

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