My Letter to Chane Behanan

Dear Chane,

How are you? You know what? Let's cut to the chase. I'm a little upset that you're off the team at this point. What did you do? Who knows, and who cares? I'm here to give you some motivation to get back on the team. Pitino alluded to you getting back on the team in "Mid-December", and that means one thing. You can still come back in time to play UK.

So let's use UK as a motivating factor. Sure you're angry right now and that anger is probably turned inward, but we also know that anger turned inward is depression. Don't get depressed, turn that anger outward. Let's turn it towards the Cats.

You may ask yourself: "sure I don't like UK, but what have they really done to me". Let me give you three reasons that are sure to piss you off and motivate you to get back on the team:

1. They talked about your boy

- That's right they brought up Kevin Ware. The heart of the evil empire talked about your boy Ware and put out reports that you and your main man was out over the summer. Not only is it a disrespect to do that, but they did it while your boy was still recovering from a broken leg. Are you going to let them talk about your crony like that?

2. They ranked these fools above you

- Yeah, that's right, you know those little blue smurfs that lost in the first round of the NIT and that you gave the Kiss of Death to in the Yum? They ranked those posers and a bunch of B.G., wet behind the ear, freshman, #1 over the DEFENDING NATIONAL CHAMPS!

This is a big time disrespect. This is bigger than taking the belt from Ali and giving it to someone else. It's time to "RUMBLE YOUNG MAN RUMBLE"! This year is going to be the Thrilla in Milla of basketball and your the rightful heir to the crown that was exiled. Are you going to take that? Huh?

They're saying that Power Forward you banged last year is better now and Randle is a cut above you without playing a game. C'mon, that has to be dealt with and the battle ground is gonna be in Lexington in December.

3. They put your name out there

- You remember in that episode of 'The Wire' when Marlo was in prison and they informed him that Omar was talking about him? That's the same thing BBN did with you while the summer was going on. They put a rumor out about you from the summer that you were suspended. Whether that stuff was true or not; your name is YOUR NAME. Nobody has the right to put your name out there like that. They can't try and air dirty laundry like that and not pay the price.

In conclusion, do whatever you have to do to get back on the court. This is bigger than basketball or the university. These blue fools have to be dealt with. They took your kindness for weakness. You have to be there for the game in Lexington and make them feel the pain of messing with the best Power Forward in the College game right now.


A big Behanan Fan


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