Loving the narrative and the SEC

I'm doing my best to do as CardsFan922 suggested, and I'm trying to love the narrative. This article is a perfect example of it.

I find the article absurd, and the points that are raised are all superficial and dumb. Again, no one is really interested in a true champion. All they want to discuss is who gets into the country club and who doesn't. Louisville continues to be the hard-working, struck-it-rich the right way, nouveau riche guy trying to gain membership into Augusta National. He's a scratch golfer with oodles of cash, and he's not even that brazen about it. He doesn't show up with an Al Czervik bag and tear the other members to shreds with hilarious one-liners in rapid succession.



He simply asks what the conditions are for membership, follows them, and only then learns that none of that matters. The only thing that matters is who you know and with whom you associate. And he doesn't know anybody there. At least not yet. So even though he is an extremely impressive individual, he doesn't have his 'in' yet. So he has to wait a while. That's where we are this season. It matters not who or what we are. It only matters with whom we associate this season.

In any case, this statement irked me something fierce.

"Even Louisville — a fringe contender, at best — seems to be benefiting from poll inertia, moving up to No. 6 in the USA TODAY Coaches Poll despite its schedule and unimpressive performance last week against Rutgers. Currently, Louisville is ahead of Texas A&M and LSU. Would voters keep either of those teams behind the unbeaten Cardinals even if they won the SEC?"

The whole thing is subjective. Everything in that three sentence steaming pile of crap is garbage.

The bigger problem is that the whole narrative goes beyond just our Cards. It goes to the heart of college football. The SEC is not the only place where football is played and loved and worshiped. And its champion has no right to the title game, especially in a down year like this, where no one outside of Gainesville and maybe Tuscaloosa can actually play any defense. So once again, if we cannot be part of it this year, then we really have to band together and cheer for something other than another SEC team in the title game. College football needs it badly. If our Cards can't make it, give us Oregon vs. FSU. Give us Ohio St. vs. Clemson. Give us anything but the SEC. Please.

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