The Cardinals' Climb Continues...

The Cardinals continue their climb up the mountain this week, now they are well past base camp. It was great seeing Stanford, Georgia, Oklahoma and Michigan go tumbling on Saturday! More will follow soon. Now the Cards are at #6 in the poll that counts toward the BCS standings. The AP poll is nothing but a piece of garbage at this point. Expect the Cards to jump over the loser of the Florida State-Clemson loser...the only question is if Texas A&M or LSU jumps the Cards. Don't lose faith, Cardinal Fans...the dream is alive and kicking!

There are now only 14 undefeated teams in the nation, and 4 teams with one loss in the SEC who are currently in the Top 25. That's 18 total teams in those categories, down from 22 last week, and 25 the week prior. The carnage shall continue, opening up the door for the Cardinals to make history! After next week Let's take a look at this week's UNDEFEATED list:

ACC: Clemson, Florida State, Miami

Big 12: Texas Tech, Baylor


Pac 12: Oregon, UCLA

Big 10: Ohio State,

SEC: Alabama, Missouri

Mountain West: Fresno State

MAC: Northern Illinois

As to the one-loss SEC teams in the Top 25, they are Auburn, South Carolina, LSU, and Texas A&M. I am so ready for these teams to go away for good.

Here's the entire schedule this week for the above 18 teams...

Miami at North Carolina

Central Florida at LOUISVILLE

Florida State at Clemson

Iowa at Ohio State

South Carolina at Tennessee

Texas Tech at West Virginia

Florida at Missouri

Northern Illinois at Central Michigan

Auburn at Texas A&M

UCLA at Stanford

LSU at Mississippi

Iowa State at Baylor

BYU at Houston

Arkansas at Alabama

Washington State at Oregon

UNLV at Fresno State

My UPSET SPECIALS this week:

Stanford over UCLA

Auburn over Texas A&M

Florida over Missouri

West Virginia over Texas Tech

Tennessee over South Carolina

North Carolina over Miami

As I said last week, I will keep picking upsets most likely to help the CARDS!

Cards' defense will continue to be strong this week, and the offense will pick it up. I will take the Cards 39-16 over Central Florida.

Worst case scenario when CARDS win: Cards jump Clemson, but are jumped by LSU and Texas A&M, and fall to #7 in the USA Today poll.

Best case scenario when CARDS win: Cards jump Clemson and just stay ahead of LSU, and go to #5 in the poll, as Texas A&M loses to Auburn.

Most likely scenario when CARDS win: Cards jumped by Texas A&M, but stay ahead of LSU. Cards pass Clemson and remain at #6 in the poll.

What are your thoughts?

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