CCBMM Four a Success: Right, Rick Pitino? Thought So

Those of us lucky enough to have been a part of CCBMM#4 were also lucky enough to have been a part of a Hall of Famer and National Championship. I'll explain at the end.

It is somewhat understandable that with people having just gotten off work at 5 and the Card March being at 5:15, there was very little time to drive from work, maneuver through the gridlock called 65, find parking, and walk to the tunnel by the time Card March started. That being said, we had some great regulars AND first-timers show up and make this one of the finest Card Chronicle Bird Mask March to the Marches to date. Here is a recap:


Just before the CCBMM began, we took a little time to give back to some fans, taking picture with the Horseshoe Casino Show Girls.


Upon completion of the March through the crowd, the CCBM's and Rose Murphy became best of friends. Proof.


The Players officially are taking notice and appreciating the hard work the CCBMMarchers are putting in. These fellas were big on it, and Lozo was a big fan as well.


Head Coach Charlie Strong looks on at the CCBM Bird Cage in Awe. And also gave Rose Murphy a hug, but that was reportedly his excuse to get a closer look at the CCBM's in The Bird Cage.


Teddy with Camera crew in tow, and a great opportunity for a future "ESPN shot of Teddy hugging his mom with crazy Bird Masked Fans in the background" shot. It's gonna happen.

Now, perhaps just as important if not more important, following the CCBMM, we were well aware that HOFNCHCRJFBP was signing copies of his new book about 75 yards from the spot where the Card March ended. Obviously this means we CCBMMarchers were obligated to make a short walk to the book signing and take advantage with a blitzkrieg photo op. Rick recently said on Drew's radio show that "those Card Chronicle people just do a fabulous job of bringing insight into Louisville, football, basketball and all the sports." It was our job to come out and personally thank Rick for all that he has done to give us the opportunity to do said fabulous job. We did just that. Remember this date, fellow Card Chroniclers. It is one day closer to the day that Rick puts on the CCBM, which will also be the day he defeats College Basketball and all the entire World in a single moment. Here we are with Hall of Fame National Champion Head Coach Rick Jay Fuckin' Bilas Pitino.


Like I said, this was a good CCBMM, but we will certainly need more help to make next Friday's March the biggest and best of the season. We will need it to increase our numbers and do it up huge. The team will need it. Night Game, 8PM, National TV, Big opportunity to make a huge statement. Thank you to those of you who came out to this one. We hope to see you all again next Friday. And those of you who were not able to make it, you know you want to get out of work a half an hour early and head out that way. The March to the March will start just after 5:30 this time. This will give you just enough time to get there and be a huge part of the Greatest Most Creepy Tradition in College Athletics. See you there. Great job, CCBMMarchers! Go CARDS!!!

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