Tracking Teddy: UofL record books

Andy Lyons

While this is likely Teddy's final season he is on pace to finish at or near the top of several Louisville passing records. The attempt here is a vehicle of conversation on his place in the rich history of Cards QBs and a way of tracking that stature statistically moving forward.

**Bridgewater's stats through six games (post-Rutgers) of the 2013 season**

2013 to date:
125/176 (71.0%)
1,872 yards
18 TD 2 INT
10.6 yards per attempt
14.9 yards per completion
191.8 passing efficiency rating

Career to date:
603/891 (67.7%)
7,719 yards
59 TD 22 INT
8.7 yards per attempt
12.8 yards per completion
157.4 passing efficiency rating

Assuming Teddy stays healthy and leaves for the NFL after his Junior season he's currently on pace (at the rate of 2013's six games thus far) to finish as follows in UofL record books:

[Yes, I'm a geek and did this 'projected' math... turns out passing efficiency rating is laughably complicated and makes less sense than the Electoral College.]

Career records

1st career passing efficiency (~163.76 projected)
1st career completion percentage (~68.3% projected)
2nd career touchdowns (~80 projected)
3rd career passing yards (~9,903 projected)
3rd career completions (~749 projected)
4th career yards per completion (~13.2 projected)
4th career attempts (~1,096 projected)

Single season records

1st single season passing efficiency (~191.8 projected)
1st single season touchdowns (~39 projected)
1st single season passing yards (~4,056 projected)
2nd single season completion percentage (~71.0% projected)
2nd single season yards per completion (~14.9 projected)
5th single season completions (~271 projected)
10th single season attempts (~381 projected)

For those curious a rundown of UofL passing records can be found here. This comes from the Media Guide and reflects stats entering the 2013 season. Teddy's individual can be found here and are updated after each game.

Some interesting things jump out off the bat. First, Teddy is clearly the most accurate and efficient QB ever to lace them up at Louisville. Given our history of success with quarterbacks that's pretty damn impressive. Equally as impressive is the fact that he'll likely finish throwing for yardage and touchdowns at a higher clip than his number of attempts suggest he should have when compared to fellow elite Cards QBs. Again, this comes back to pinpoint accuracy and elite decision making.

Another thing that jumps out is that Teddy should be throwing the ball much more often, especially this season. I for one think Watson has done a very good job but when you start to analyze some of these numbers it becomes a bit clear that the rock needs to go through Theodore as often as possible.

If Bridgewater came back for his senior season, which we all know ain't gonna happen, he'd basically own every single UofL passing record. This would include Chris Redman's gaudy 12,541 career passing yards. The career TD mark of 84 (also Redman's) would be absolutely obliterated. I could go on...

Still much at play this season as far as wins, losses, bowl game, and even NFL future but this is one Cards fan who projects Teddy Bridgewater's legacy to be that of the greatest UofL quarterback of all time.

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