The Card Chronicle Fan Quiz

After the last few weeks I unfortunately feel that it’s time for YOU, as a fan, to take a quick test to determine where you’re head is at in regards to your expectations of the University of Louisville football team. Don’t worry, no number 2 pencils are required.

The great thing about being a fan is that there is no "wrong way" to do it. Sure, there are bad fans, inconsiderate fans, bandwagon fans, fans with no knowledge of the team, fans with incredible knowledge of the team…the spectrum is extremely large. Here is the issue at hand. Some of you are certifiably insane with what you expect to see week in and week out from this team. Let’s take a quick peek under the hood and see if you need some meds…

(Write down or keep track of your corresponding points for each question and then review your total at the end. Yes it’s math. Deep breaths)

1. How do you expect the UofL football team to finish the year?

12-0 baby, nobody is touching us-------5 Points

11-1, somebody is gonna get us--------4 Points

10-2, a couple poor performances finally bite us------3 Points

9-3, We have been overrated all season------2 Points

2. How do you feel about Teddy Bridgewater?

Hands down, best QB to ever put on a UofL jersey, walk away Heisman winner------5 Points

Amazing QB who has the talent to be one of the best. Great leader with a shot at the Heisman-----4 Points

Solid QB, solid leader of the team, makes greats plays, represents the University well------3 Points

A little overrated, a good QB but still makes mistakes, real nice guy but not all that he’s made out to be-----2 Points

3. Opinion on the defense thus far?

Unacceptable. They should be shutting out everyone of these cupcakes-----5 Points

Disappointed, made more than a handful of mistakes and giving up to many yards----4 points

Amazing. They have locked up almost everybody and only given up a few big plays all year----3 Points

Whatever, they've played ok but their competition sucks----2 Points

4. Opinion on Special Teams thus far?

The worst Special Teams unit in football. Big Returns. Blocked FG, Blocked Extra Points. We need big changes-----5 Points

They appear to have some issues that need to be addressed. Not horrible, but not good either. They could use some tweeks to get things back on track----4 Points

Calm down! Special Teams isn’t perfect, but neither is the offense (leave points on the field in the redzone) or defense (some blown coverage/tackling). Special Teams is simply amplified because each possession results in points or change of possession----3 Points

About what I expected from this group. I knew they’d struggle with better teams. I’m surprised they don’t get every FG blocked leaving the 'A gap' open everytime.----2 Points

5. Opinion on the offense thus far?

Watson should be fired tomorrow. Here’s an idea, when we get inside the five, let’s run something other than a play up the middle or a fade route to the corner. With these weapons we should be putting 50+ on the board every week----5 Points

Pretty solid year. They can put up points when everyone is healthy, obviously missing a few scoring chances on occasion, but so does every other team. They’ll keep it rolling----4 Points

The offense has been great. I think Teddy and the boys are pretty much perfect in how they execute the gameplan each week. I love watching them work the field. No complaints!-----3 Points

Meh. They are talented but I feel like it’s so boring to watch. Run, Run, Pass. First Down. Run, Run, Pass. First Down. Where are the reverses, option pitches…and were is James Quick!-----2 Points

6. Opinion on Coach Strong this season?

He’s done alright, but he should be running up the score every game. I can’t believe he sat Teddy in the fourth quarter the first few games. How in the hell does he expect to win a title or get Teddy a Heisman without beating the crap out of people.-----5 Points

I like Charlie’s approach to this season. Take it one game at a time, appreciate each win, and try and learn from each game. Wish he would be more aggressive at times, but I like where he has us----4 Points

Charlie is the man! In my eyes he has done little wrong. Every move he makes I almost always agree with and I love his demeanor on the sidelines. Plus, TURTLENECK!-----3 Points

Charlie is an average coach who has got hyped up from Louisville playing weak teams. He seems like a nice guy, but he isn’t all that amazing as a coach----2 Points


(30-27 Points)---I’m sorry to say this, but you are out of control. There is no way this team as a whole or the players individually could meet your lofty goals. As much as it pains me to say this to you…you've official become a UK basketball fan.

(26-24 Points)---What you expect to see may be slightly unrealistic. While you seem to be a levelheaded individual, let’s take a moment to reassess some of the areas that might be a somewhat extreme. While we can get on the right path with little effort, you are extremely close to uttering the phrase "wait till next year".

(23-19 Points)---Congratulations, you appear to understand that we are in "year four" of the Charlie Strong era, and that this sudden uprising may have come a tad too early for our own good (Even Charlie Strong agrees we might have peeked to soon). Let’s continue to enjoy the ride as we build this program one victory at a time, and win a few BCS bowls along the way!

(18-15 Points)---Your expectations are actually a little underwhelming. While one might appreciate the "aim low and be surprised when you do better" mentality, you can have a little fun and take pleasure in the fact that we have a great football team. Go ahead, give me a first pump! (ok....we'll need to work on that, looked like you might have dislocated something there)

(14-12 Points)---Don’t take any offense, but check the web address above. Card Chronicle? Is that the website you intended to be reading? Are you in fact a Louisville fan or where you simply searching for articles about the beloved warm-blooded vertebrate known as the Cardinal? If this is the correct webpage, you sir/ma’am are officially the Debbie Downer of the group. Thanks for reading, now please agree to never post anything on this site….ever.

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