Louisville vs. Alabama 2013?

Alright, I know that there has already been a post about this, but I as well am going to make one and talk about it more in depth.

So, according to many rumors, Alabama vs. Louisville is going to happen next football season.

I know many of you are probably thinking, "Well we already have our schedule set."...not true.

We use to have our schedule set, but now with Boise State leaving the Big East, we have an opening next season.

An opening that many believe will be filled by Alabama.

Now, many of you out there probably are thinking...what proof do you have of this? Why Alabama? Doesn't this seem a bit out there? Well I will answer these questions, starting with that last one on. No, this doesn't seem a bit out there. Why Alabama? Well, that I can't give a direct answer, only speculation. We of course would want to schedule Alabama because it would be a huge name school for us to face and would defiantly put us in the NC picture if we were to beat them. Alabama would want to schedule us for one reason and one reason only. Like Michigan this year, we will be coming into the season ranked in the preseason top 10 after dominating Florida. Now many people will say that we are coming into the season overrated and over ranked. Alabama will of course hear these rumors and think that we will be a cake walk. A game against a top 10 ranked team will help your SOS no matter when you play them, so Alabama will want to jump all over this, as they will think they can dominate us like they did to Michigan which would in turn increase their SOS and jump them up in the NC picture.

Now what proof do I have? I have no concrete proof, but from scanning Twitter, ESPN, Facebook, and various message boards I have compiled a small list of evidence that this could possibly happen. First, Alabama had a Representative watching the Sugar Bowl game. Many believe this is so they could see how well we did against Florida, scout us per say, and so they can decide whether or not they want to schedule us for next year.

Second, there are three possible games we will be playing in...the Cowboy Classic, which might end up wanting to add a second game to their lineup next season, as they already have two set for the 2014 season, and if this is the case then they will more than likely want us vs. Alabama. The Chick-Fil-A Kick Off Classic, as Virginia Tech reportedly wants out of the game for some unknown reason, which would mean they would need to fine a replacement which would in turn, more than likely, be us. Then we would end up facing Alabama in that game instead of Virginia Tech. Finally, a regular game, more than likely at Denny-Bryant Stadium. Alabama would think they would walk right over us, especially at home, and that would more than likely be the only place they would play us besides a neutral field. Imagine how big it would be for us to beat Alabama at their home!

Third, we need a team to fill the hole left by Boise State. We will more than likely be looking for a marquee match up...a team that would give us respect by beating. Alabama would be the perfect choice to fill the hole left by Boise...of course they would have to accept the offer, but I don't think they would turn it down if it came their way.

Fourth, now this is completely speculation based off a message board rumor, ESPN wants this match up as they fill that it would bring them a lot of viewers and in turn a lot of money. They would call it something along the lines of "Rematch of the Century", and build Alabama up as the defeated champion who wants revenge on a puny challenger. They would also do ESPN things and build Alabama up as unbeatable of course. After all we did beat them in 1991, so there could be some truth to this rumor.

Fifthly and finally, the SEC is embarrassed by Florida's performance against us and wants to rectify that by sending their top dog, Alabama, to take us out and embarrass us, proving that our win over Florida was a fluke and that the SEC truly is the best conference. Alabama would in turn accept this, as the powers that be want it to happen.

In conclusion, I see this happening. The rumors are still in a stage that hardly warrants any discussion, but there is no doubt that they will pick up steam in the coming weeks. I would gladly welcome a game against Alabama, as it would give me great pleasure to prove that we are better than any SEC team once and for all.

GO CARDS!!!!!!!!!

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