The Ghosts of Januaries Past

It's about the time of year that we, as Louisville basketball fans, often find ourselves enduring losses that besiege our devoted senses and thrust us into questionable corners. When Louisville loses a basketball game, all fan transgressions are immediately forgiven as drunken, depression induced madness. Personally, I've spent the last 24-hours in a bathtub full of tepid banana pudding watching reruns of the Golden Girls and skyping my grandmother to cure my sorrows. I don't feel any better.

But alas, for those of you so adversely affected by a Louisville loss as I; I won't tell you how we should have won that game, why we didn't, or why it will be different next time in order to lick your wounds. Instead, I'll leave you with some unpleasant blasts from the past. To apply some perspective on the differences between January and April, I'd like to remind some of you of things that you said about last season's Final Four team, which you undoubtedly came to love more than the bulk of your immediate family, last January:

"At this point,... I'm thinking about trying out for a scholarship." - Chick-Stratino'sUrDaddy

"Good day for the football program." - Jason G

"Well, I missed some of the game when I was taking a Pitino." - Carolina Cardinal

"Just so damn frustrated and disappointed. I really thought this team was going to be special." - Carolina Cardinal

"just detach and drink. They aren't getting any better, And Pitino will bullshit his way through another 2-3 years" - Chip Constant

"The only thing that will take me out of this funk is some shocking lies, secrets, and paternity tests on Maury." - Bmfran01

"Things started getting bad after Dec. 14th when Kev Ware bounced into the Ville. Most Kevins are bad. Kevin is my dog's alter-ego name. I mean- what more is there?" - GOCARDSATTITUDE

"Maybe we'll look back and say our loss was under Rick Pitino." - Carolina Cardinal, in comparing Pitino to Gillispie

"If you'd have told me the day after Christmas that on Jan 11 I'd be looking at Preston Knowles GIFs and listening to Adele's, "Someone Like You," I would not have believed you. Damn it." - doctorofdunk

"and we have one player coming in our 2012 class. FRUSTRATION FRUSTRATION FRUSTRATION. i have a friend who is an IU fan who wont stop talking shit because he finally can (which he freely admits). IU has a top five class coming in, cmon man, what the hell is up with our program? Ima stay true and loyal till my lifes end but right now I am saddened by the state of our brand. Let’s get some hoopin MONSTARS in here……………….football season yet?" - 502cardsfan

"It just seems we are regressing to the norm. We have an average group of players... Last year was extraordinary, this year is not." - drhustle

... Needless to say, it took me very little time to amass this very small sample of diddies from the internets. These are forgivable sins of mourners of games lost. We are all victim to the insanity.

I'm not saying that any of us feels this way now, nor am I saying that all of us felt this way last season. But, if you're a Cardinal through to your marrow in the way that I am, you're upset today. Try and think back to this time last season, and recall how fleeting this feeling can often be. Better times are always ahead. L1C4

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