My Rebuttal

So it's about time I hit the 'Add Fanpost' button

Usually when you see a new fanpost in the morning, and you see the name 'Austin Montgomery' as the author, you all think to yourself "Here we go again, with this guy." DAMN RIGHT

First off let me start by saying that the westcoast (or at least Arizona) has finally changed the name of the Circle K fountain drinks from 'Thirstbusters' to 'Polar Pops' everyone hear hates it, but i love it because I feel like I have personally bugged each Circle K associate about a name change for YEARS.

Second off, I hate Brandon Triche

Now let's actually talk some basketball.

I actually went back to Palo Verde (my high school stomping grounds) for the first time since graduating last spring, and judging by the game I saw from my Titans that night, there's no Bryce Cotton story for a LOOOOOOONG time. So don't count on me doing my recruiting thing, from my old school at least.

Now to Louisville, wow what a game I tell ya. Look I appreciate a good hard fought game and that was one hell of a game, that looked like something you would expect from two of the best teams in the country. Saying that, I can't appreciate a well faught basketball game when the game lies within the refs lungs as air waits to spur out of them into a plastic whistle.

Of course we are going to get the 'Oh of course you blame the refs' kind of debate from a friend when you talk about this game amongst that jack ass friend that we all have, but only those who really watched the game have that "refs blew it for us" safety net to fall into.

Now when the ball bounces off two body parts, and the guy whose body it bounced from tries to palm the ball back in bounds as it lays OUT OF BOUNDS and it gets called out on the opposite team, you have nothing to do as a fan but just kind of laugh that one off.

What bugs me about this loss is that we had a chance to win it at the end, what really bugs me is it should have never came down to the end like that. Once we came out on fire in the second half, thoughts of Mondays UCONN second half came back and I thought everything was going to be ok.

That is until I saw that bogus out of bounds call, thats when I sat back and said "The refs are going to be the one who decides this game."

Russ had an awesome game, Dieng didnt score alot, or rebound like we're used to seing but he was the center of our offense this whole game. What bugs me is why we didn't give the ball to the man with the hot hand Russ Smith? He deserved to have won that game or lost it for us being that he was the carrying our team on his back on the offensive end.

I dont care what anyone says, Russ Smith is way better than Michael Carter-Williams.

It's easy for someone to say "It's okay man, it's just one game only our second loss, yeah it is buteven though it really didn't do much to our record, it hurt emotionally.

YUM! Center record attendance, first ever home game ranked #1 and we lose to a hatred rival. We lose to a team that we celebrated playing because we used to whoop their ass in basketball up until last year and the sad thing is our basketball team was better than Syracuse last year and they are damn better than Syracuse this year.

But being that we lost at home to a team that we should have beaten, I think there is no question we fall out of the top 5 and replace Syracuse at 6.

What I can take away from this night:

Syracuse looked like they played every ounce of heart that they had the entire game and we just played so so. If it wasn't for the refs I honestly think we would have blown this team out by 20 look at the big three Russ hit then immediately gets called for a bogus blocking foul.

UK still isn't ranked. Russ played real well And our team is (hopefully) so fired up about this loss that this could be our only loss of the Big East season.

There is really a lot more I would like to say, but I'm tired, angry and sober so i'm just going to end it at that because even though as much as we all just want to write this game off and go on to the next one, we really can't because this loss hurts.

But good night, or good morning by the time you read this and GO CARDS FUCK SYRACUSE, FUCK THE REFS, FUCK TRICHE.

K bye

Sidenote: Guys you really need to stop lagging on me on Facebook, twitter, isntagram and all that good stuff. It's at times like this I need fellow Card fans to vent to and I cant do so if none of you follow me on twitter (and if you do no one ever responds :( )

Twitter: @austeeeeezy Instagram: @_teamsteeez Facebook: Just look me up 'Austin Montgomery'
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