BBN Reacts to the Governor's Cup Loss Like...BBN

It's a beautiful day in the Commonwealth, isn't it? At least it is if you were pulling for the good guys yesterday. Something that seemed like "old hat" to me for most of the John L./ Bobby P. era, and then hadn't been around for awhile, made a triumphant return yesterday. Actually, a couple of things did.

First of all, it's now very obvious that Louisville is once again "miles ahead" of Kentucky on the gridiron. The Wildcats may have beaten us four consecutive years during our Krag1N1 infection, but they were never as dominant against us as we were against them during the early part of the last decade. Despite the terrible coaching staff, and lack of recruiting stars beside the names of incoming players, Kentucky was never able to distance themselves from us they way we had from them. We won last year at Commonwealth, and yesterday? Hey Matt, why don't you handle this one......


The second thing that made its big comeback yesterday was the UK fan reaction to a Governors Cup loss. I feel like there was a hint of it last year, but now it's back with a vengeance. You know what I'm talking about. That tired old...


Yes boys and girls, there it is. The ole "we don't really care that we lost to you" attempt to take the joy out of our victory. To me, it always made beating them twice as sweet. I mean, come on now, admit it, you've just thrashed Kentucky and you give that UK fan at work "the look" and all they can say is...





It kind of makes you even happier about beating them, doesn't it? Especially now; think about it. During that four year stretch every Kentucky fan you knew purported to care about UK football leading up the Governor's Cup, and then pretended to care even more for a few weeks after. But that wasn't how it was when John L and Bobby were thumping them regularly, was it? No Sir, then all you heard from BBN was.....


So now that we're "Miles Ahead" once again, it brings joy to my heart to see even the most ardent UK fans showing their true colors. That color would be yellow.....


(Participated in "Louisville Hate Day" by telling Louisville fans that he may be fat, and unable to play QB in the NFL, but at least he has a Superbowl Ring; then doesn't even finish watching the Governor's Cup Game.) Hey Jared, remind us again,.... are there any Louisville players who actually played on NFL teams that won Superbowls/ NFL Championships? Deion Branch, Sam Madison, Romen Oben, Joe Jacoby, Lenny Lyles, and a certain UofL signal caller come to mind...


Of course, it just wouldn't' have been complete without one of the biggest Calipari/BBN neophytes chiming in to askew the conversation away from football and towards Basketball....


Thanks, Dick. You can speak for yourself and BBN all you want, but leave us out of that mess. Unlike UK football "fans," Dick, Louisville fans know what it feels like to see our team win bowls like the Fiesta and Orange, Dick.

They can pretend that they don't care until the proverbial cows come home; but they can't change the fact that they only act like they care about football when they win. Like Mike said in his post the other day.....

Kentucky is being both overly hateful and unbelievably sensitive at the same time. It's being able to dish out everything and take nothing.

Kentucky is being hypocritical whenever it's convenient for Kentucky.

I thought about those words as I typed these, and they rang true. UK fans will take every opportunity to dish it out when they can, but don't have the guts to take it without pretending like they could care less. We all know that they do care, they'd just rather pretend like they don't. That's what happens when you derive the bulk of your happiness from one part of one thing. You can't allow any chinks in the armor, you can't allow anyone to think you're not perfectly fine with losing to your rival. You see, that would be admitting that they're better than you at something; and, it would be admitting that it bothers you too.

Yes Cardinal fans, the Old Hat is back; and just like an old hat found, it fits you well from years of loving wear. Wear it proudly; and when that UK fan at work gives you one of the standard responses tomorrow, just smile and nod with the knowledge that despite their cool exterior, they're burning up on the inside.


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