Bloggin' Rick Pitino's Back With Another Classic

Louisville's most famous blogger took to the keyboard once again on Thursday to talk about his recent 60th birthday and to update Cardinal fans on the status of their team.

Highlights include Luke Hancock and Mike Marra being 10 days away from practicing, Pitino not being sure whether or not he's going to redshirt Mangok Mathiang, and Fat Wayne being Fat Wayne.

Here's a sampling:

Kevin Ware - We have reconstructed his jump shot. Looks great and he is becoming more confident with each practice.

Peyton Siva - Still occasionally falling back on his jump shot. This will force players to shoot on the way down. Outside that minor flaw, he looks terrific. His thoroughbred namesake will leave Ocala and be shipped to Louisville. We are hoping that Dale Romans can work his magic with Siva at the fall meet at Churchill Downs. Just hope this horse stays on his feet more than Peyton.

Russdiculous - sprained his ankle and missed both practices. It happened when he made up his mind to drive to the basket and hurdle three defenders. Not much has changed.

Tim Henderson - Did some positive things, but needs to cut down on turnovers.

Luke Hancock and Mike Marra are ten days away from practicing.

Gorgui Dieng - Practiced well. Still has to become a better rebounder and passer. He looks great and we will continue to work on his deficiencies.

Chane Behanan - Played well but needs to spend more time on his jumper. He's close to becoming a good shooter. Only more work in the gym will make it happen.

Wayne Blackshear - Conditioning, conditioning, conditioning. He needs that the most. When that happens, his game will blossom. It will take time and a better diet. His game is terrific now, we just need to get him in Louisville shape.

Angel Nunez - Struggles when pressured. He needs to learn how to score by moving without the ball. Once he becomes fundamentally sound, he will contribute to our success.

Montrezl Harrell - Plays hard and competes as well as anyone on our team. Playing against Chane and Gorgui will make him better every practice.

Mangok Mathiang - Still deciding whether to redshirt him. He has tools to help us but needs strength and weight.

Zach Price - Slow progression is occurring. He reminds me of Nazr Mohammed in terms of slow development. Better conditioning will also help his game immensely.

Stephan Van Treese - Steady. He had two good practices.

Getting a little nervous about Russdiculous the horse, you guys. I figured we would have had a major update by this point.

Being a Louisville basketball fan is really, really fun.

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