The Recruiting Rundown 2013: This is Going to be a Close Call

Yeah, I know, football season, who cares about recruiting, blah, blah, blah. There has been a lot of movement as far as targets go, and the success of this class is going to hinge on one or two guys. With that, here are the remaining targets.

Point Guard:
Chris Jones; Visit Complete September 15th

Shooting Guard:
JaJuan Johnson: Visit Likely

Small Forward:
Troy Williams; Visit Likely

Power Forward:
Akoy Agau; Visit Complete September 15th

Marcus Lee; Visit Completel September 8th
BeeJay Anya: Visit September 29th
Joel Embiid; Visit Possible

Off the Board:
PG Anthony Barber; Ties Cut, Committed to NC State 9/15
C Moses Kingsley; Committed to Arkansas 9/15

So, this is where we stand with about 2 months to ENSD 2012. Here's what I think about each of these players.

Chris Jones- We really have to get this one. Probably the # 1 or 2 target at this point in time. I would say that he's a poor man's Kemba Walker. Fairly short, but has good athleticism and a nasty stepback jumpshot. I don't know anything about his visit, other than that it appears that he left campus without committing. More should be known in the coming days. A lot of comparisons to Jameer Nelson.

JaJuan Johnson- Not much has changed here. We're in the thick of things, but it appears that having Gill in the fold is keeping us from going all out in this recruitment. I think that he goes with Alabama in the end. A visit here is likely though.

Troy WIliiams- Very good news on the Troy WIlliams front. I was dead wrong when I said Williams wouldn't come here alone. There was good article about this on the CJ that really shed some light on where Louisville stands. He really, really likes the staff a lot, and Louisville is likely a top 3 school. I would say a visit is fairly likely, and this is definitely a recruitment to watch.

Akoy Agau- This is an interesting recruitment. The guys is really athletic and blocks shots. He's really skilled on offense, something you'd expect when recruiting against Georgetown. I think hes more of a backup at this point though.

Marcus Lee- Personally, I love this kid and think he's the #1 priority for the Cards. He's got serious athleticism, blocks shots, and has what may be the most upside in the country. We're rooted in this recruitment more firmly than a lot people though a month ago. The big thing that we're going to have to survive is his trip to Big Blue Madness in October. If we do, and Kentucky doesn't offer (I don't think they will), then it's going to be a battle between us and California. He doesn't seem to be too attatched to the west coast. I think that we've got a fantastic shot here.

BeeJay Anya- Another big time center who I would love to get a commitment from. He's got really long arms and is a beast around the basket who blocks shots. More refined offensively than Lee, but he's got a few more pounds on him that he will have to lose if he wants to play in this system. I do worry about him being like bad Samardo and being a plodder that slows down the offense, but I think that Rick could get him into shape, and he could really fuel the team if he does. Solid shot here, he'll be on campus September 29th.

Joel Embiid- Honestly, not too much on this kid. We just offered, he's very raw and has a lot of upsid to take advantage of. He's a big 7 footer, but like Agau, he's essentially a backup at this point.

At this point, the priority recruits are Jones, Lee, and maybe Williams and Anya. If we can get Jones and one other, I think that this is a solid class.

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