The Cardinal Countdown...19 Days Until Kickoff

#19 Jerry Arlinghaus


Class: RS Freshman Ht/Wt: 6-4/197 Position: Quarterback Hometown: Covington, KY

Louisville’s Take: (No Notes Provided)

Thoughts: Arlinghaus came to the Cards last year after being offered a preferred walk-on spot. While some might think we have enough QB’s on the roster, it’s always nice to carry 5 or 6 in case of injuries or help with practice drills, etc. You gotta think Teddy and Sunny are locks to see the field this year, and Mr. Gardner has a shot if the situation is right. Honestly, I would be shocked to see Jerry, Kyle Todd or the university required "Brohm" see game action this season. This of course is not to imply in the least that they aren’t important parts of the squad. I'm actually interested to see how these guys perform in practice and learn about the 3rd string battle. Much love and respect to these Freshman and good luck over the next couple year battling it out.

Potential Nicknames: "Haus", "Big Grin"

#19 Terell Floyd


Class: Sophomore Ht/Wt: 5-10/199 Position: Cornerback Hometown: Port Pierce, Fla

Louisville’s Take: Solid cornerback who added depth to thin secondary... has stepped in as a true freshman and showed promise for the future... displayed good technique and toughness... continues to learn the finer points of the position.

Thoughts: Floyd came on the scene last year and fit in nicely when we needed some depth. Terell got the start against the Tar Heels and ended up grabbing five solo tackles. I see Terell as a key component of a stellar defense over the next 2-3 years. Terell could easily develop into a Bushell type player with the talent we saw from him last year as a true Freshman. As previously mentioned, his raw talent may not overflowing, but mastering the position by learning good technique and where to position yourself is just as important. Charlie and Coach Restivo are pumped about his potential and I think we have a future star on our hands.

Potential Nicknames: "Jail Cell Terell"

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