Commitment Rundown: Mangok Mathiang

I honestly thought that if I was doing a commitment breakdown in the next week after the monthly posts, it would be Kyle Washington. Well, so much for that. Mango's entry onto the Louisville bench really shakes up the strategy for 2013.

First, the rundown rankings and how this affects them.

Anthony Barber
Demetrius Jackson
Chris Jones
Moses Kingsley
Jarrell Martin
JaJuan Johnson
Karviar Shepherd
Kyle Washington
Kenyan Facey

Akoy Agau

Wow. You can cross off three four targets, and arguably Kyle Washington. Crazy. Now, Rick will probably be zeroing in on a few select targets to recruit. I would group into this category Anthony Barber, Demetrius Jackson, Chris Jones, Jarrell Martin, JJ Johnson, Jermaine Lawrence, Troy Williams, and maybe Davon Reed, Jarquez Smith, and Damian Jones. Very crazy stuff.

Also, we somehow just snuck onto James Young's list. Don't know how that happened. Would be the biggest get in this class going off of pure talent, but Barber fills more of a necessity. That being said, he's Kentucky's to lose. He'll be a Cat soon enough.

So, let's talk about Mangok. First, his name sounds like Mango. Second, he's African. He was rated a 3 star recruit by He was also being recruited by most notably Illinois and (wait for it...)


SO... Didn't get distracted or anything like that...

Mangok is fairly athletic and runs the floor well. He can block shots, and can rebound wide areas. He has a solid wingspan. Very similar to Gorgs. Also, he seems to have a good touch around the basket. Essentially, he is a very raw player as of today who will likely redshirt the next season. He definitely fits the definition of prospect very well. Taking him tells me that the staff has at least a decent amount of confidence in Zach Price. If wanted to go after a replacement for Gorgui, we'd be making more of a push for Dominic Woodson or Kennedy Meeks. I personally like Zach's game a lot, and think people often forget that he was very highly regarded out of high school. Instead, we're banking on Zach being ready to take on the responsibility of being a starter in 2013, and Mangok being a solid backup to give us about 8-10 minutes a game.

So, I think it's a decent addition considering the circumstances. Answer the poll question below, and GO CARDS.

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