The Louisville Basketball Recruiting Rundown: July

With the evaluation period coming up this month, Rick Pitino will be out and about on the recruiting trail.

The Rundown Rankings

Last Month:

  1. Jordan Mickey
  2. Chris Walker
  3. Karviar Shepherd
  4. Kennedy Meeks
  5. Tyler Ennis
  6. Jarrell Martin
  7. JaJuan Johnson
  8. Zach LaVine
  9. Troy Williams
  • Davon Reed
  • Now, quite a bit has again changed, especially with the Anthony "Barber of Da Ville" news coming out of nowhere.

    With no further ado...

    1. Anthony Barber
    2. Chris Walker
    3. Jarrell Martin
    4. Karviar Shepherd
    5. Jermaine Lawrence
    6. Troy Williams
    7. JaJuan Johnson
    8. Kyle Washington
    9. Damian Jones
    10. Jarquez Smith

    So, we've got some new additions here. Anthony Barber and Chris Walker is essentially a dead heat. Barber is the more likely get, even though Walker fills a bigger need, so he gets the edge here. Jarrell Martin moves up after vaulting up to #11 in the nation. Jermaine Lawrence is a player we will make attempts at. Troy Williams could be a package deal with Barber, they play on the same AAU team. Kyle Washington is a center that just popped up on our radar, and is rising. Damian Jones and Jarquez Smith are two top 100 PFs to watch.

    Now, the recrap.

    Point Guard

    Kasey Hill
    (Montverde Academy)
    Montverde, FL
    6-0/160 None Yes Committed to Florida
    3 Anthony Barber
    (Hampton HS)
    Hampton, VA
    6-1/165 Med Yes Alabama, Kansas, Louisville
    4 Tyler Ennis
    (St. Benedict Prep)
    Newark, NJ
    6-2/175 Med Yes Florida, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Iowa State, Kansas, Louisville, Maryland, Rutgers, Seton Hall, Syracuse, UCLA, Villanova, Virginia, West Virginia
    5 Zach LaVine
    (Bothell HS)
    Bothell, WA
    6-3/170 None Yes Committed to UCLA
    7 Solomon Poole
    (Terry Parker HS)
    Jacksonville, FL
    5-11/165 None No Committed to Georgia Tech

    The Board:

    Obviously, Anthony Barber is the most dynamic player at the point guard position. Tyler Ennis ultimately is going to choose Syracuse, and LaVine and Poole are off the board. Meh.

    Shooting Guard

    4 Sindarius Thornwell
    (Lancaster HS)
    Lancaster, SC
    6-4/175 Med No Clemson, Florida, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Memphis, Miami (Fl), Missouri, North Carolina State, Ohio State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Virginia Tech
    5 Matt Jones
    (De Soto HS)
    Desoto, TX
    6-4/170 None Yes Committed to Duke
    6 Isaac Hamilton
    (St. John Bosco HS)
    Bellflower, CA
    6-4/175 Med Yes Arizona, Baylor, Colorado, Connecticut, Louisville, Oklahoma State, San Diego State, UCLA, USC, Washington
    7 Anton Gill
    (Hargrave Military Academy)
    Chatham, VA
    6-4/180 Verbal Yes Committed to Louisville
    22 Davon Reed
    (Princeton Day School)
    Princeton, NJ
    6-5/185 Med Yes Cincinnati, Connecticut, Harvard, Louisville, Memphis, Miami (Fl), Wake Forest, Xavier
    NR Darryl Baker
    (Jeffersonville HS)
    Jeffersonville, IN
    6-2/170 Med No Butler, Indiana, Louisville, Michigan State, Xavier

    My Board:

    JaJuan Johnson

    Yeah... well, there's been really no activity here for the past month. In all honesty, with Gill 2 spots from a five star rating, there's really nothing else to do here. The 2 guard is probably finished.

    Small Forward

    Due to absolutely nothing happening here outside of Jordan Mickey's decision, there's absolutely nothing to report. This is a spot that is also probably going to not change much outside of Mickey.

    Power Forward

    3 Chris Walker
    (Holmes County HS)
    Bonifay, FL
    6-10/205 Med No Alabama, Baylor, Connecticut, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio State, Syracuse
    4 Jarell Martin
    (Madison Preparatory Academy)
    Baton Rouge, LA
    6-8/215 Med No Alabama, Arizona, Baylor, Georgetown, Louisville, LSU, Marquette, Memphis, Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, Texas, Texas A&M, UCLA, West Virginia
    6 Jermaine Lawrence
    (Pope John XXIII HS)
    Sparta, NJ
    6-9/205 Med Yes Baylor, Cincinnati, Florida, Kansas, Louisville, Maryland, Rutgers, Saint John's (NY), SMU, Syracuse, UNLV
    9 Kuran Iverson
    (Northwest Catholic HS)
    West Hartford, CT
    6-8/190 Low No Connecticut, Florida, Oklahoma State, Arizona, Georgetown, Kentucky, Louisville, Rutgers, Saint John's (NY), Seton Hall, Villanova
    10 Jordan Mickey
    (Grace Preparatory Academy, Inc)
    Arlington, TX
    6-7/190 Med Yes Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisville, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Providence, Texas, Texas A&M, West Virginia
    17 Kris Jenkins
    (Gonzaga College HS)
    Washington, DC
    6-5/235 Med No Clemson, Georgetown, Louisville, Miami (Fl), Ohio State, Penn State, Rutgers, Seton Hall, South Carolina, Villanova, West Virginia, Xavier
    18 Devin Williams
    (Montverde Academy)
    Montverde, FL
    6-8/225 Med No Cincinnati, Georgetown, Illinois, Louisville, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Seton Hall, UCLA, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Xavier
    19 Malik Price-Martin
    (Monsignor Pace HS)
    Miami, FL
    6-8/175 Low No Memphis, Miami (Fl), UCF, USC, Louisville, Ohio State, South Carolina, Syracuse
    22 Jarquez Smith
    (Jones County HS)
    Gray, GA
    6-9/220 Med No Georgia, Georgia Tech, Louisville, South Carolina
    24 Damian Jones
    (Scotlandville Magnet HS)
    Baton Rouge, LA
    6-9/215 Med No Alabama, Florida, Georgetown, Louisville, LSU, Oklahoma, Stanford, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Vanderbilt
    25 Derek Willis
    (Bullitt East HS)
    Mount Washington, KY
    6-9/200 None Yes Committed to Kentucky

    My Board:

    So, you all probably know that Chris Walker may be the most coveted recruit at this point for Louisville. Lucky for us, the Cards are in his final list of four schools, with the others being Florida, Kansas, and Kentucky. Tough crowd. There's still a chance that he ends up a Card, but Florida is THE team in this race.

    Martin is definitely developing into a stud. He had such a monster spring and June that he jumped about twenty spots to #11 overall. At this point, we are a top three school. The biggest problem presented here is that he's from Louisiana and LSU has essentially sent the house to land this kid. It appears that he will be staying home as of today. Emphasis on appears and today. He said how "blown away" he was with the Yum Center back in January (DePaul Day magic) and that we were his leader. I think that if we can get him away from Johnny Jones and back on campus one more time, that we will secure a commitment. But don't count on it.

    Then there's Jermaine Lawrence, the mystery man. He's kept his cards really, really close to his vest as far as recruitment goes. I've seriously heard zilch about him all along. We were one of the first teams in on him back when the 13 class recruitment started. Thanks to a monster spring he's a five star player now. RP is going to pursue him, but where this one goes is anyone's guess. Perhaps he stays home and plays for St. John's?

    Damian Jones and Jarquez Smith are two names to remember, especially if we strike out on the aforementioned three players. They are two big 6-9 forwards who hail from Georgia and Louisiana, respectively.


    BeeJay Anya
    (Dematha Catholic HS)
    Hyattsville, MD
    6-8/255 Med Yes Florida, Georgetown, Indiana, Kansas, Louisville, Maryland, North Carolina State, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Texas, UCLA, Virginia, Virginia Tech, West Virginia
    2 Dominic Woodson
    (Vermont Academy)
    Saxtons River, VT
    6-9/240 Med No Baylor, Florida, Louisville, Maryland, Memphis, North Carolina State, Oklahoma, TCU, Texas
    3 Kennedy Meeks
    (West Charlotte HS)
    Charlotte, NC
    6-8/290 Med Yes Clemson, Florida State, Georgetown, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Maryland, Miami (Fl), North Carolina, North Carolina State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia Tech
    4 Marcus Lee
    (Deer Valley HS)
    Antioch, CA
    6-9/220 Med Yes Arizona, California, Duke, Florida, Louisville, San Diego State, St. Mary's, Stanford, Texas, Texas A&M, UCLA, Virginia Commonwealth, Washington
    8 Moses Kingsley
    (Huntington Prep)
    Huntington, WV
    6-9/225 Med No Arkansas, Louisville, LSU, Mississippi, Mississippi State
    13 Kyle Washington
    (Hotchkiss School)
    Lakeville, CT
    6-9/200 Med No

    Florida, Georgia Tech, Iowa State, Louisville, Marquette, Miami (Fl), Minnesota, Notre Dame, Wake Forest, Washington, Wisconsin

    My Board:
    Chris Walker
    Karviar Shepherd
    Kennedy Meeks
    Kyle Washington

    At this point, the center position, like the rest of the class, is way, way up in the air. Chris Walker committing would be absolutely monstrous, but it's a bit unlikely. Meeks will be visiting Louisville soon. There were some reports that he gained EVEN MORE weight, and that is seriously discouraging Rick from pursuing. Kyle Washington is an interesting backup to the other three, and is more of a safety net. He will be visiting soon.

    I think Karviar Shepherd is someone who we will put the full court press on if Walker does not work out. Karviar is seriously interested. We are the only unnoficial visit that he has taken. He drove 12 hours to Louisville to see us. He visited UCLA only because he was at the Pango's camp out in LA and LSU because he was at another AAU tourney. You probably won't hear much about him until a commitment, and we've got a big shot here, especially with him and Mickey being teammates.

    Question of the month: If we whiff on every higher rated recruit, is Anton Gill an anchor in which we can build this class around?

    As always comment and vote, Go Cards.

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