The Cardinal Countdown...45 days till kickoff

#45 Raby Malemusa


Class: RS Junior Ht/Wt: 5-6/165 Position: Defensive Back Hometown: Louisville, KY (Product of Waggener)

Louisville’s Take: (No Notes Provided)

Thoughts: Raby, seen in the picture above (look at the 30 yard line, see the guy in the red jogging suit on our sidelines…now look three people to the left, no your other left. That’s not him. But four guys down from him is a guy holding a helmet in his hand. In front of him is a guy on a knee, tying his shoe. That’s Raby. He’s right there man…on his knee. Right there! Dude, you’re killing me) is a local product, hailing from Waggener High School. Raby is a walk-on who in the spring was getting some action as the gunner on punt coverage. You know, the #1 ranked punt return defense in the nation last season. (Look it up, bro) I’d be looking for Raby to get some opportunities as the year progresses to try and lay some unsuspecting punt returners on their back. I’m thinking someone from UConn, because if you think for a second I forgot about your little "arm raise and run" stunt you’re mistaken my friend…sadly mistaken.

Potential Nicknames: "The Moose"

#45 Mitchell Nelson


Class: RS Freshman Ht/Wt: 6-0/185 Position: Cornerback Hometown: Louisville, KY (Product of Male)

Louisville’s Take: (No Notes Provided)

Thoughts: The corner position will be fun to watch this year. I think as of today, Johnson and Bushell are the leaders for two of the starting spots, but behind them is a group of guys wanting a chance. With a good core at linebacker, I wouldn’t be surprised to see offenses throw sets with 4 or 5 wideouts at us to try and spread out the field. If that’s the case, we could be looking at another one or two corners getting significant PT. Nelson, another local kid who sat out last season, has a chance to sniff out one of those spots. Watch him battle Parnell, Teague and Houchins during the season to see who steps up their game and gets the opportunity.

Potential Nicknames: "Full Nelson"

#45 John Wallace


Class: RS Freshman Ht/Wt: 6-0/200 Position: Punter/Kicker Hometown: Cecilia, KY

Louisville’s Take: Coming off a solid spring season... owns a strong leg... needs to be more consistent on his field goal attempts.

Thoughts: Since this is the first kicker or punter on the countdown I’ll give you my quick thoughts on the position. I believe the kicker could be one of the most underrated positions on the field. No I’m not crazy, and no I’m not some dried up soccer player rocking some Mizuno shorts swinging my vuvuzela (google it, it’s not dirty). Think about all the highlight reels you see of the "biggest chokes" or "horrible losses". How many of those involve a missed field goal, blocked field goal or punt return? A lot! We disregard the kicker or punter with a "chip shot" comment or a "I can make it from this far" jeer, but dude has a lot of pressure on him. We’ve been fortunate to have some great kickers and punters at Louisville, but just ask "wide right" Florida St. how they feel about the position. How important is that punter when you’ve shifted the field position and then he shanks it 10 yards? Show some love to the guys when they do well, and try not to kill them when they mess up. John Wallace does not plan on messing up. Right John…? John will most likely compete with Ryan Johnson this year for the starting position at punter. Keep an eye on Josh Applyby as well. He may take both kicking and punting duties over this year before it’s all said and done.

Potential Nicknames: "Wallace and bomb it", "J-Dub"

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