Wednesday Evening Cardinal News And Notes


This is the fantastic groom's cake Chris Stone's wife surprised him with at their wedding earlier this year. There was also apparently a DePaul Day reference during the best man's toast.

Seems like it would have been a cool wedding to attend, even if you didn't know anyone else there. I wouldn't know because I wasn't afforded the opportunity to attend the cool wedding even though I wouldn't have known anyone else there.

Before I go to sleep tonight I'll tell myself it's because the bride's parents were adamant about keeping the number of guests below 30, but the truth will come out when I dream.

That's right, a double helping of Cardinal News and Notes. Because there are still plenty of people who submitted pictures in the winter and are upset that they haven't yet seen their kids/dogs/cakes/selves grace the top of the site yet, and I'm determined to remedy March.

People dream big in Louisville.

Eric Crawford wrote about Derrick Caracter's attempt to work his way back into the NBA this morning, but his original blog post included one of the best Freudian slips ever.


Caracter doesn't have a Least Cool Person plaque hanging in his living room though.

The LEO has opened up the polls for its Reader's Choice Best of Louisville awards, and among the categories this year is "Best Person to Have Their Face on a Building."

Gorgui Dieng will win this award.

Also, feel free to drop Hot Hot's name for "Best Local Media Celebrity You Love To Hate."

Five years ago, Stewart Mandel said Louisville was the only football program in the country whose national status couldn't be classified.

There is one school intentionally missing from the list, and that's because I have no idea where to put it: Louisville. History-wise, the Cardinals are peasants, but the program has completely reinvented itself over the past decade and now gets mentioned with the kings and barons. For now, we'll just say: TBD.

Mandel revisited the exercise today, and pegged Louisville as a college football "peasant" because of its lack of succes under Steve Kragthorpe.


* Arizona, Baylor, Cincinnati, Connecticut, Duke, Minnesota, Indiana, Iowa State, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisville, Mississippi State, North Carolina, Northwestern, Rutgers, Temple, USF, Wake Forest, Washington State and Vanderbilt.

Five years ago I wasn't sure where to place Louisville, which was coming off a 12-1 season and Orange Bowl win. Now it's clear the Cardinals aren't too different from the rest of their Big East brethren, seven of whom sit here. None can seem to sustain success. We'll see if it's possible for any to make inroads once the Big East loses its AQ status.

That guy was not a good head coach, and I will never look back fondly upon the time he spent here.

Louisville fans might have a new favorite non-Cardinal football player in Army safety (and St. X graduate) Nate Combs.




I just became 83.7% more of an Army fan.

Combs will be a senior for the Black Knights this season.

Big Ten mascots do "Call Me, Maybe."

Really hoping that these (or at least some awesome variation) will be back for another season:


CBS is talking Charlie Strong and Maker's Mark bottles.

Vance Bedford says that one of his biggest concerns for the upcoming season is finding playmakers in the Cardinal secondary.

Bedford joked his young corners including sophomores Andrew Johnson and Terrell Floyd were like a steak but right only, "lightly seasoned. If you put it on just right it has great flavor to it."

Of the returning starters, Bushell has the characteristics of a potential big-play corner given his penchant for making things happen on special teams.

"He made some special teams plays, that's exactly what he did," Bedford said. "I'm looking for him to make those same plays for us at cornerback."

Don't sleep on a healthy and eligible Gerod Holiman being a difference maker.

Calvin Pryor's gotten a bit of heat today nationally for having the word "cocaine" in his Twitter handle. Apparently that's not going to sit well with Mama Pryor.

I was always pretty sure that making fun of Luke Bryan on Twitter would ultimately be how I got famous.

Follow-up note: a lot of angry teenage girls who are big fans of Luke Bryan have Twitter accounts. They aren't afraid to express their opinions either. The past 24 hours have felt like the day before the UK basketball game, only the assailants use 98% more emoticons.

This is the start of a huge stretch in the always creepy world of big-time college basketball recruiting with the Adidas Invitational tournament getting underway this afternoon.

So far, so good as far as Louisville is concerned.

Mocking the draft previews Louisville's 2012 season and thinks the play of Mario Benavides as well as Louisville's linebackers will be the keys in three of the Cardinals' toughest games.

And finally, we've got a big time radio show for you tonight from 7-9 on ESPN 680 as Jody Demling will be coming on to talk about the latest shakeup in the world of Louisville sports media, one which he's at the very center of.

Listen live on 680 AM or anytime on

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