Bloggin' Rick And The Case Of The Offseason Jump Shot

Bloggin' Rick returns this afternoon and is more Bloggin' Rickier than ever.

In today's post he discusses the addition of Montrezl Harrell, what each player on the team needs to do in order to improve his jump shot, Louisville's overall success in the Big East, the Belmont, the relationship between gambling and expensive ties, the NBA playoffs, Cardinal football, and the moves to WDRB by Eric Crawford and Rick Bozich.

Potentially my favorite BR post of all-time. Here's a snippet:

Montrezl Harrell - 6-8 with a 7-4 wingspan. Plays every minute like it's his last on Earth. Just a tremendous addition to our front court. He will compete and make Chane, Gorgui and Zach better every possession. One of the aspects of great players is they influence each play in some positive way. This young man flat out plays hard. I'm extremely excited to have him in our program.

Practice Begins

Our first week of individual instruction was very productive. Our focus was on correct form with our player's jump shots. Each player has a minor flaw and we made great headway toward correcting those. Here's a breakdown on our players that are healthy and here for this summer session:

Peyton Siva: He's worked diligently at developing proper form. We do a shooting drill at the end of individuals; two balls and three shooters. They are on the move from the clock for two minutes. Our record was 35 and it was broken by Peyton, Russ and Kevin. I was shocked to see these three do it. Peyton missed two shots during the rapid fire in the shooting drill. It's not only difficult to break 30, but it's an extremely tough conditioner.

Russ Smith: It's interesting how much Russdiculous has changed in two years. Upon arrival as a freshman, we witnessed someone who didn't' like the weight room and could not bench press 125 pounds. He now does 185 lbs., 17 times. He had a contest with pull ups vs. Peyton. Peyton got 35 but told Russ, who has gained eight lbs., that he weighed 15 lbs. more. Russ put on a sand bag around his neck and did 36. Pretty amazing! We are not only concentrating on his form, but trying to cut down on his off balance shots. He's stronger, wiser and a lock-down defender. He's maturing into a fierce competitor. Real proud of him.

Kevin Ware: The third member of the trifecta that broke the record. He's made the biggest strides in improving his shot. Pretty similar to Russ as a freshman, in that he's weak and doesn't enjoy the weight room. It's always the same. As they get stronger you witness a different attitude. He is an explosive athlete and I've witnessed noticeable improvement on offense. He must get stronger and work harder when he fatigues. That will come with maturity.

You get the sense that Pitino is every bit as excited as we are about everything that's going on right now.

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