The Swagger Evolution Of President Andrew Johnson

There is a psychological theory of dichotomies that points out that when our brain looks for answers to one question, we are typically deluged with opposite responses.

As I spent my morning hours thinking of the uncool, I could not help but shake thoughts of the single coolest athlete at the University of Louisville.

He doesn’t need your vote…he is already a President. Let’s swagger step through the evolution of Andrew Johnson.

Jan. 8, 2011 Commit with Swagger

Andrew Johnson, a 4-star CB out of Miami, FL decommits from Ole Miss and joins high school teammate Gerrod Holliman in committing to the Cards…giving Louisville the 18th best recruiting class in the country at the time in 2011 and the best in school history.

Swagger Level: Kris Kross

Sept. 1, 2011 Season Opener Swagger

The 5-foot-9 Andrew Johnson got his first career start in the season opener as a true freshman.

Swagger Level: Shaq Fu

Sept. 9, 2011 Man-to-Man Swagger

After playing one collegiate game, Andrew Johnson tells the national media he is prepared to shutdown T.Y. Hilton, the former Sun Belt Player of the Year for FIU. T.Y. scorches the Louisville secondary for 7 catches, 207 yards and 2 touchdowns. Both touchdowns were scored on zone defense against safeties. When Andrew Johnson gets man-to-man coverage on him in the 3rd quarter, he wraps him up in the open field short of the first down and then gets up in his grill. (If you are a masochist, watch this whole video. To see AJ, go to 4:24)

Swagger Level: B2K

Nov. 5, 2011 Swagger with a Kiss

Going into the one of the more hostile stadiums in the country, against one of the better passing offenses in the country, Andrew Johnson just dripped swagu all over the place. He recorded a career high 6 tackles and returned a blocked field goal 82 yards for a game clinching touchdown. And then….this happened

Swagger Level: Soulja Boy

Feb. 11, 2012 Post-Season Swagger

After a huge Cardinal basketball victory to clinch the important sport season sweep on the Big East exiting WVU Mountaineers, Andrew Johnson gives Card Nation the following tweet:

"One of the basketball players should've blew them sorry bi****s some kisses like me.. #CardNation"

Swagger Level: Master P

May 10, 2012 Conference Realignment Swagger

Not wanting to be left out of the commentary, @LockDown_15 takes to twitter to share the following

Andrew Johnson‏ @ LockDown_15 We should go to the ACC so we could beat the brakes off of Miami

Then tweeted

Andrew Johnson‏ @ LockDown_15 But the Big 12 would be a good look for us

Swagger Level: Mystikal

June 4, 2012: Off Season Swagger

All eyes were on the Silent-L’s commit to the basketball squad, but AJ refuses to remain silent and gives us a tweet heard ‘round the Commonwealth.

Andrew Johnson‏ @ LockDown_15 # cardnation september 2nd we having blueberries for dessert

Swagger Level: Yung Humma

All of this is to present the undeniable fact that The University of Louisville Athletic Department is entering a golden age of swagger and it is led by Mr. President Andrew Johnson.

Swag on young Andrew, swag on.


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