Thursday Afternoon Cardinal News And Notes


Blake Bonar going no pants and lucky socks in preparation for this weekend's festivities.

It's an unbeatable combination. Piggyback this kid's picks when you see him on Millionaire's Row Saturday.

Programming note: On the radio from 7-9 tonight on ESPN 680. It will be the greatest two hours of your life.

The Louisville baseball team took one on the chin Tuesday night in Bowling Green, falling 8-1 to Western Kentucky. The Cards will be back in action this weekend when they travel to Morgantown for a three-game set with West Virginia.

The softball Cardinals also had a rough non-conference adventure, falling 8-1 to No. 5 Tennessee in Knoxville on Wednesday. The loss dropped U of L to 47-3. They'll round out the regular season this weekend with a three-game set at St. John's.

The Sporting News takes a look at the point guards in college basketball for next season, and slots Peyton Siva at No. 2.

2. Peyton Siva, Louisville

Too many people have focused for too long on Siva's flaws. Including Siva. He allowed himself to slip into a midseason funk as a junior while struggling with how he was being defended and what he brought to the team. When he focuses on his strength and imposes them on opponents, however, what happens is-Louisville wins.

Siva was named MVP of the Big East Tournament after driving the Cards, quite literally, to four consecutive victories. He made only two 3-point shots in the entire NCAA Tournament, and yet the Cards reached the 2012 Final Four.

Siva excels at creating extra possessions for the Cardinals (he averaged a combined nine rebounds/steals in the Big East tourney) and at generating scoring opportunities for his teammates (6.2 assists in the NCAAs).

If he were more dangerous as a deep shooter, Siva would be a much better player. But then, if he were, he'd most likely be playing the 2012-13 season in the NBA.

Wayne Blackshear checks in at No. 3 on the list for small forwards.

3. Wayne Blackshear, Louisville

How much did we get to see of Blackshear last season? Exactly 105 minutes. That's like hearing the first four chords of "Smoke on the Water" and then somebody shutting off the radio. Blackshear's dreadful shoulder injury left us with only glimpses of his promise, but how impressive was he on the highest stage in the land?

In 14 Final Four minutes against the nation's best defensive team, Blackshear got off five shots and made three of them, including a 3-pointer. He scored nine points, nearly a sixth of his team's total. That was enough for me.

Probably the best sports tweet of 2012.

Favorite Derby horse: Thunder Gulch

Favorite non-Derby-winning horse: Came Home

Least favorite Derby winner: Giacomo

Favorite horse never to have run a race: Gorgui

It's only the image that makes it funny:


Good story on Peyton Siva and Becky Burke handing out awards at St. Stephen Martyr.

When Burke and Siva were introduced, the students jumped to their feet to welcome the local hoops heroes and clamored for a high five or to get a piece of candy that the two brought to distribute the kids.

"In past years, we've always tried to bring in quality role models," said Laemmle. "We hit the jackpot this year with Becky Burke and Peyton Siva. They're two of the most high quality kids you'd ever want to deal with in your life. We're honored to have them."

And Burke and Siva delivered strong, positive messages to the students that focused on the values of hard work, accountability, leadership and listening to what their parents, teachers and coaches ask of them. Siva joked quite a bit about coach Pitino's love of the treadmill for correcting even the smallest of mistakes.

"If we run the wrong play, go to the treadmill. If we miss a class, go to the treadmill. If we tie our shoelaces wrong, go to the treadmill," Siva smiled as he answered a student's question about what his coach is like.

Best video on YouTube:

The awkward look of the Wildcat is gift enough, but the people talking about it as if it's Michelangelo's David really delivers the ultimate reward.

Forget the Pegasus Parade, I want a giant Russ Face balloon in the Macy's Parade this Thanksgiving. I'd also like Russ to be one of the people walking with the balloon, but I fear that may be asking too much.

Congratulations to Chris Philpott, who was one of 722 players named to the National Football Foundation and College Hall of Fame Hampshire Honor Society on Wednesday.

Kentucky and Indiana officially announced that they will not be playing one another in basketball next season because they couldn't agree where to play the games going forward. Sounds relatively familiar.

I know Crean and Calipari are bros, but perhaps this could still speed up the Louisville/IU plans.

For you hooligans headed out to the infield this weekend, a video worthy of your time.

First five people who RSVP'd for the Card Chronicle Derby Extravaganza tomorrow night:

1) Darius Washington

2) Mila Kunis

3) Lisa, my friend at the post office

4) Michael Jordan

5) Kevin Harned

You haven't done Derby Eve until you've seen Harned and Jordan brush shoulders during The Wobble.

Jon Bois offers you no help whatsoever in your quest to learn more about horse racing and the Derby.

If Jim Delany's college football playoff proposal had been around since the inception of the BCS, Louisville would have been included in the 2006 Final Four.

And finally, Kyle Kuric and Chris Smith will again be signing autographs at the Cardboard Heroes in the Mall St. Matthews from 2-4 on Sunday. Autographs will be $10 per item.

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