Wednesday Afternoon Cardinal News And Notes


Baby Watson might look light, but he heavy though.

The Louisville baseball team is just about to get postseason play underway via a first round Big East Tournament tilt with eighth-seeded Pittsburgh. Conference Pitcher of the Year Justin Amlung will be on the hill for the Cards.

NBC Sports calls the CC thread on Montrezl Harrell from yesterday "epic."

Originally, my intention for this post was to speculate about how Pitino freed up that scholarship. To research some theories, I started perusing some of the Louisville sites when I stumbled upon an epic thread from Card Chronicle, speculating on where the scholarship could be coming from. Here are just a few of the best comments:

Should we live like there's no toMarra? That won't be VanTreese-y... I'd hit Rak bottom.

Rozier being ineligible would be Terryble.

Stop freaking out. Just wait and Siva.

keeping everybody on board would be impRussive.

But Ware are the scholarships coming from?

Hopefully, not from Blackshear. That would Wayne on our parade.

Better not be Gorgui. I don't give a Dieng how bad we need them.

Tough decisions, but that's the Price of excellence.

Luke for the coming announcement.

I'm Behanan to think that you're serious. I think we're out of players.

Is there no Justice anymore!? How can you say we're out of players.

I meant current players! You wanna Swop punches?

No life is all Goode.

Well done, 'Cloids.

Mike DeCourcy's lates early college basketball top 25 for next season has Louisville at No. 3 behind Indiana and...UCLA.

3. Louisville Cardinals

Why they'll finish here: Here's a declaration to ponder: Rick Pitino has coached two Louisville teams into the Final Four, and this will stand as his most talented batch of Cardinals yet. Along with proven quantities such as point guard Peyton Siva, power forward Chane Behanan and center Gorgui Dieng, Louisville now should have a healthy Wayne Blackshear and Mike Marra and a better prepared Kevin Ware available on the wings. The team's March run showed the Cardinals what they're capable of achieving. They might be a bit light on elite players to seize the national title, but they're good enough to be around to grab it if the more gifted teams let it slip.

Why they might not: Like UCLA, Louisville lacks proven 3-point shooting to help keep defenses honest. Unlike Howland, Pitino places a tremendous emphasis on long-distance offense. Even last year, when the Cardinals shot 31.8 percent from 3-point range, they fired nearly a third of their field-goal attempts from deep. Will Pitino install the necessary flexibility in his offense to make Behanan a greater weapon along the baseline?

Key player: Blackshear must become a star. He didn't play much last season because of a shoulder injury, which made his Final Four cameo against Kentucky all the more impressive. He looked like he belonged with the best in the nation - and he'd barely played beforehand.

The big realignment news of the day is the rumor out of absolutely nowhere that the Big East is expected to add either BYU or Air Force in football starting in 2015.

Green jacket, gold jacket.

ESPN lists Gorgui Dieng as the No. 2 shot-blocker in the country heading into next season.

2. Gorgui Dieng (Louisville): Withey and Anthony Davis dominated the headlines in March. But Dieng (3.2 blocks per game), a 6-foot-11 sophomore from Senegal, was a very talented shot-blocker, too. He offered a sneak preview in New Orleans by blocking four shots in the national semifinals against Kentucky. Next season, however, he'll be a star for a top-5 program.

Jeff Withey of Kansas is the only player ranked above The Gorgster.

The four-letter network also has both Teddy Bridgewater and Hakeem Smith in its list of the top ten football players in the Big East.

4. Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville. Bridgewater had a sensational freshman season, winning league Newcomer of the Year honors. Hopes are high for him to build off his impressive campaign in his second year as a starter. Louisville will do more to take advantage of his athleticism, with plans to install some hurry up offense.

6. Hakeem Smith, S, Louisville. Smith has gotten better in each of his seasons with the Cardinals, so this season should feature more of the same. In 2011, he had 84 tackles, tied for second in the league, with nine pass breakups. He also tied for second in the league with three forced fumbles and made the Big East first team.

Pitt running back Ray Graham tops the list.

Inspiring hip-hop albums: it's happening here.

I hear the Chicken Knowles track goes insanely hard.

In all seriousness, both Audio Stepchild and Nappy Roots are crazy talented, so that tweet is pretty cool.

The pair have also teamed up for a U of L anthem which will be played before football games this year. I've heard it, I've enjoyed it, and I've danced without pants to it.

The most Big Blue Nation thing you'll see today:


The owner of that automobile does not care for anyone who doesn't look, think or act like they do.

Four-star 2013 point guard Zach Lavine tells that he likes "UCLA, Louisville, Washington, Arizona and Memphis" in that order. Lavine is a native of Seattle, home of both Peyton Siva and Terrence Williams...but you knew that.

Terry Rozier has heard just about enough of the "is he eligible" chatter.

Series "shits" to Boston is actually probably more appropriate than what the editor meant.


Hasn't been a lot of quality basketball played there.

Andrea Adelson tackles the reason behind the Big East still being perceived as a step below the ACC in football despite statistics that tell a different story.

Andrea Adelson: The fact that the Big East has been raided twice in the last 10 years is a huge reason why. Miami was a national power at the time. Virginia Tech has been incredibly successful and so has West Virginia. College football, perhaps more than any other sport, holds onto its history and tradition. People do not look at the facts so much as the teams. Cincinnati? C-USA. Louisville? C-USA. I could go on, but you get my drift. This is still a conference in search of an identity. The ACC has programs that have at least won or played for national titles. That may have been in the way past. Unfortunately, that trumps recent success in the minds of many.

Marcus Smith grinding:


Charlie Strong has reportedly extended a scholarship offer to dual threat Quarterback DeShone Kizer from Toledo. The class of 2014 member has also received early offers from Boston College, Syracuse, Toledo and Bowling Green.

And finally, Miss Kentucky USA is a U of L graduate and also quite the Louisville sports/Card Chronicle fan. You can help give her an automatic pass into the semifinals of the Miss USA Contest by voting here.

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