Monday Afternoon Cardinal News And Notes


Young Nate Knipp makes a pretty strong statement to the rest of the Card Chronicle world with a submission from the delivery room.

You can't knock that level of hustle. You can try, but you can't do it.

Andy Katz says he "wouldn't be surprised" to see Louisville draw Florida in next season's Big East/SEC Challenge. Since the Cards hosted Vanderbilt in the event last season, they would be traveling to Gainesville for the Elite Eight rematch.

Katz says the most likely matchup for the event is Kentucky/Georgetown.

Plenty of people asking what Florida State's newfound interest in the Big 12 means for Louisville. The short answer is that I have no idea. The long answer is that I have no idea, but if it ultimately comes to fruition, it's obviously not a good thing for U of L. FSU would almost certainly leapfrog the Cards on the Big 12's wish list, and Louisville would then be back in the position of having to hope the league adds two teams instead of just one.

The follow-up question to that has been whether or not the ACC might be interested in Louisville. The short answer there is that it seems extremely, extremely unlikely.

Still, it seems to me like this whole thing is little more than FSU posturing for some kind of leverage within the ACC. It's hard to envision the Seminoles ultimately bouncing for the Midwest.

Paying attention to conference realignment news is like smoking: it's not healthy, there's no real benefit to it, it can only make you feel good for an extremely short period of time, and it's really, really hard to quit once you start.

My advice, as it pertains to both habits, is to not start.

The Louisville softball team's NCAA Tournament regional draw in image form:


On a related note, congrats to U of L pitcher Tori Collins (pictured above) on here recent engagement to former U of L linebacker Dexter Heyman. That's a pair fully capable of producing multiple future Cardinal stars.

Vegas has set Louisville football's over/under win total for the upcoming season at 9.5.

It sounds crazy, but right now I don't see any way how you could take the under.

Greg Scruggs displaying his patented media charm during his introduction in Seattle.

Brian Brohm was one of the NFL veterans invited to participate in the New Orleans Saints' rookie camp over the weekend. You may remember that Brohm worked out for the Saints with Randy Moss a couple of months ago.

Unless the Saints choose to offer Brohm a contract, he will likely spend next season with the Montreal Alouettes of the Canadian Football League.

Highly amusing Onion piece on I'll Have Another's take on his Kentucky Derby experience.

"Then a horn sounded and it scared the hell out of me and everyone was running," the horse added. "And all I could think was, 'I'm only 3 years old. Please, God, I'm only 3.'"

Starting from the 19th post, just one slot from the outside, the 3-year-old became the first horse in Derby history to win from that position. However, despite a respectable start, he was mired in the pack for the first three-quarters of the race.

"I don't remember anything but running," said the pre-race 15-1 pick, who ran alongside the similarly terrified Gemologist and Creative Cause for most of the backstretch. "Just running, and I didn't even know from what. I mean, everyone was running. I guess I was just going on instinct at that point."

"I'm not proud of this, but I think I might have shit myself a little there," the horse added. "I wasn't the only one, but still. I hope no one was watching."

Julius Mays' high school coach thinks the Wright State transfer will be a bad fit at Kentucky.

With all the concussion debate taking place, I figure it's worth noting that I suffered football-related concussions in 7th grade, 8th grade and my freshman year of high school.

I still have the video tape of the first one where some 14-year-old man-child from St. Edward knocks me unconscious approximately five seconds after I've handed the ball off and am standing nowhere near the ball carrier or anyone else. Apparently that didn't warrant a flag. It did, however lead to a hilarious(?) attempt by me to stand up, followed by me losing consciousness and then being woken up on the sidelines with smelling salts. It's actually not funny at all...except when you're in college, drunk and it's 4 a.m. Then it's hilarious and people want to watch it repeatedly...I fall under the umbrella of "people" in this instance.

The next one might have been equally funny(?) (accidentally kicked in the head by teammate), but it was during a scrimmage and there's no tape. It also resulted in me thinking I was weaving in between hundreds of bikes as I was helped to my dad's car and then taken to the hospital.

The third one wasn't funny at all and was the final push over the "let's just focus on baseball because it's painfully apparent you've already finished growing" ledge.

I blame everything stupid I've done since on one of those three blows to the head. I'm also debating whether or not my any of my 11 sons will be allowed to play football.

Elisha Justice will be holding a youth basketball camp in Pikeville from May 14-17. No word on what the official title of the camp is, but one can only assume that the words "hottest," male" and "athlete" will all be utilized in some form.

Kevin disgraces his friends, family and anyone else he's ever encountered.

The ACC coaches want conference champions to automatically be included in the new college football playoffs. Because giving up 70 points in a tournament semifinal is exponentially better than giving up 70 points in a meaningless BCS game.

Jimmy Clausen has the same type of relationship with SuperCuts on Twitter that I have with Crate and Barrel.

Still looking for those infra-red sheets, local bedding companies.

The U of L rowing team finished third at the Big East championship over the weekend.

The men's tennis team's season ended with a loss to Indiana in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. The defeat as especially disappointing since Kentucky was waiting for the winner in the next round.

And finally, Cincinnati basketball players were reportedly involved in a bar brawl over the weekend. Another great step in the direction of improving the program's image.

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