Congrats to CRP on the Final Four-Take your shots at scorpiocard

Okay. Rather than muddle up a thread on some other quality piece here on this illustrious blog site, I decided it best to do a fan post for those of you who MAY be chomping at the bit to say "I told you so" to me. So here it is if you so desire.

First off I must make good on a couple of commitments that I made over the last couple of years. One is to say I WAS WRONG that RP would not get the CARDS back to a Final Four. I said many time that I did not think he would, but that it was of course possible, and I hoped he would prove me wrong. He did on both accounts, and I am VERY glad he did. I actually had tears in my eyes when the comeback over Florida was all said and done. I am VERY happy he proved me wrong.

Second I said that IF he got us back to another Final Four I would lay off of him...and I will. For the rest of the time he is here, unless he embarrasses us again, I will not criticize him for his overall accomplishments while at U of L.

So now that I have (and will) made good on those two commitments that I made, I do want to be clear about a couple of things.

One is that I still am not (and never will be) happy about what he put the school, program, and the fans through for a few years there.

The second is that he was hired to win (or at least legitimately compete for) a national championship here. He has still to this day failed to field a single legitimate national championship contender in his entire time here. Some may point to 2009, but I am not buying it. That team had tons of talent, and serious additude issues. They dropped one at Notre Dame by 33, and had numerous bad games that they won because the competition was inferior. No way did I see them stringing together 6 wins in a row against the finest competition in the land that is the NCAA tournament. Once they got to the regional final I did think they would beat Michigan St and get to the Final Four, but the head case team that had shown up on so many other occasions throughout that season was on full display that day.

I do, however, feel that in my opinion RP has done enough now that he has at least reached the minimal level of acheivement based on where he is coaching, what he is getting paid, and the expectations that he himself laid out for the fans when he was hired. It is not a home run by any means, but it is no longer a near complete failure either.

Now...feel free to cuss me, roast me, agree with me, or ignore me. Whatever your pleasure.

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