Even Ohio State fans hate UK

So I go to Ohio State (disclaimer: I need to call it The Ohio State University so I don't get chased out of here) where I am a PhD student. Because of this I get the joy (oh yay!) of teaching undergrad courses, and this quarter we had a class in Public Speaking. For the majority of the quarter I've been going around talking to students, helping them with their public speaking, but today was one of the final speech days.

We were in the third day of final presentations and today our class had the pleasure of listening to a UK fan rant and rave about his favorite basketball team, in front of 60 people, for a good five minutes. Luckily the speeches were time limited as he said he "could have gone on for days."

So meanwhile, I'm writhing in my seat - listening to him spew out vile words about how great Coach Cal is and about how UK fans are the best in the country. Furthermore - he talked about how some people are just saying to "go ahead and hang the banner [in Rupp Arena]," but he wants to "Crush the opposition, and play everyone so the world can see how great of a team UK is, and how many lottery picks they have."

At the end of this about 10 people clapped... the rest of the class sat there, with at least two people booing him. I said nothing until he sat down next to me.

"You managed to sit next to the one U of L fan in the room, who is also your TA. You know I can fail you right?"

His eyes got really big, like he had just felt a huge drop in his stomach.

Then I said jokingly, "Just kidding, but I wouldn't want to give that speech and then have them lose in the second round. That would just be embarrassing."

His face turned bright red.

I then asked him, clearly still nervous about what he had just done, if he had even been to a game, he said no, and then I asked if he had even been to Lexington. Again, he said no.

I just said - "Ahh... Ok," and left it at that.

Class ended and I was talking to the Professor, who got a kick out of my facial expressions over the course of the speech - but he was surprised by the boos the kid got once he announced his topic and sat down. I wasn't. Proof that even Ohio State fans hate UK fans.

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