Eyewitness Report: Pitt-Louisville @ The Bucket. He's one of us now.

Hi again guys and gals, I figured since you all were so kind as to offer me suggestions on taking my son to the game against Pitt the very least I can do is offer a quick write up. First off, thanks so much for the advice, it helped immensely.

The drive from Cincinnati afforded us some father-son bonding time, which mainly consisted of us laughing at each other's dumb jokes and listening to bad music. The mood was loose and we were both excited as could be. That all changed when we rounded the corner on River Road and saw the Yum on the horizon. My son said, " that it? Oh man, that is AWESOME!". Yes it is, I even caught my own jaw going slack. We parked on River at a pay lot as neither of us were in the mood to waste any time. After a quick block or two walk, we happened to arrive just in time to see Denny get his picture on the building across the street. Very cool:


Once inside I was dumbstruck by how gorgeous the Yum Center is. Those of you who get to watch basketball in that arena on a regular basis should feel lucky, I'm insanely jealous. I've been in a ton of venues and can honestly say it's the nicest place I've ever been. Just amazing. As soon as we walked in I was informed that the boy reaaaaaaaaaalllllly wanted a hat, so we hit the team store. Living in Cincinnati (and Northern Kentucky before that), it was a weird feeling to be surrounded by Louisville fans decked out in Louisville attire. I could have browsed the team shop for an hour or more but my eyes quickly wandered to the Hall Of Honor in the center of the lower level. It was awesome to tell stories about watching Louisville games as a kid and to point out all the greats and to show him the '80 and '86 trophies.

We finally made our way to our seats around 1:20 and I was surprised at how empty it was. It quickly filled up though, and it was game time:


As you can tell, we were pretty far up. Honestly though, it didn't make a damned bit of difference to me or him. I won't bore you with the details of the game as I'm sure everyone here saw it, but I will say a couple of things: the staff, the fans, and everyone we ran into were extremely nice and HAPPY(not always the case here in Cincy). Russ' drive down the lane was freaking ridiculous. I couldn't believe that Kentucky Bourbon Ale was the same price as Budweiser. Thank God I had the boy with me or that one might have caused some trouble.

Afterward we went to Doc Crow's next door to grab a bite. What you guys failed to mention about Doc Crow's is that they offer "The Bubba", a half pound burger topped with pulled pork, sliced brisket, cole slaw, and three onion rings. Given my history I had no choice. Check this monster out:


It was yummy like WHOA, and yes I finished it. I also had a nice little bourbon to go with it. Again, I could get in some serious trouble in that place.

Doc Crowe's also afforded me the opportunity to get this pic. Throw it up, young man.


Once we finished dinner we made our way back to the car and both of us couldn't stop smiling. It was a long day but so so so worth it. Since then, my son has been immersing himself in all things Cardinals basketball. Poring over the BE tournament bracket, reading about the old teams (I had to explain who Taquan was at halftime), and I've even caught him checking out CC a couple of times. All while wearing the hell out of his new hat.

So that was our day; again, thanks to everyone for the advice, our trip and game experience went about as smoothly as I could have imagined. We had a great time, and now we can count another lifelong Cards fan among us.

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