Pre game speech

I was thinkin in bed last night, what should Coach Pitino tell these guys Saturday?

So i decided to be Coach Pitino for five minutes and give my empty bedroom a motivational speech.

(Walks in locker room)

Guys, were not where we want to be, yet.

Yes this is nice, Final Four and all that against our arch nemesis. A rematch against a team we lost earlier on in the season too.

But we didn't start the season off saying "Lets go to the Final Four," we started the season off with 'Championship' on our mind. Well guys, we are one win away from getting where we need to be.

We are ONE win away from getting to the game that you have worked your asses off for all season. One win away from the game that we have been chasing all season.

You guys have the city of Louisville on your back in New Orleans. Everyone says that we are underdogs, but YOU guys know that your just as good as any team put in front of you, just ask Michigan State.

Seedings don't matter, we are not supposed to be here. Hell if it was up to the media, we would of been out of this tournament when we played New Mexico.

But it is not, it is up to you guys to go out there and play, NOBODY ELSE.

Look around guys, you see those other men with "Louisville," written on their chest, those are your teammates. Those are your best friends, THOSE ARE YOUR BROTHERS. Those men you see right now wearing the same warm up you are, are the guys that helped us get to where we are right now

This is a team sport, that's why you guys are one of the final four teams remaining out of 68 from two weeks ago because you are on of the best damn teams in America

We may not have the best player in America in this locker room right now, but damnet we have the best damn TEAM in the locker room right now

Everyone is already writing Kentucky to win this game, hell they are probably making Kentucky's '2012 National Championship' banner right now because there is no shane in hell we beat these guys they say

No way on earth we can match their athleticism they say

Absolutely no way that we are as fast as they are

But we are hard hitting, we are strong, and we are ONE

Were not supposed to be here guys, they are.They expect us to lay down because they are big bad Kentucky

Their tournament starts tonight and when we go out there and hit them in the mouth and force them to play the best damn team thy have faced all season than their tournament will end tonight as well


Go out there and show the world you are supposed to be here

Go out there and show the world that we are just as strong as the three other teams fighting for the same goal

Make sure that come 8:30 tonight, that Kentucky knows that they have been in a war



Call it up men!

Team on three

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