Fan Journeys and Karma

A little story of travels and happenstance from a UL alum (class of 1999) and family season ticket holder since 1979.

My first little Card fan was born in NYC in March of 2009, the day Louisville won in the semifinal of the Big East Tournament. I had tickets for the BET, but Emil had other plans. It wasn't a great hospital stay, and my son ended up in NICU for a while. Which means my wife basically lived down there. I however, got to watch wins over Syracuse and Villanova in her hospital bed with a six-pack of Brooklyn Lager. Of course I couldn't make any noise, as I was in the maternity ward, and screaming near babies and exhausted new Moms seemed a little gauche.

As soon as I get her to bed, I raced downtown to meet friends at a bar down the street from MSG to celebrate. I remember I caught every green light from E. 96th st (Mt. Sinai hospital) to W. 29th. Things are going my way. The stars aligning seemed fortuitous as UL became ranked #1 for the first time in school history and started off the NCAA tourney very strongly. The good times didn't last unfortunately, as Emil's first game watch party ended with the Cards falling to Lucas, Suton and a locked-in Tom Izzo.


Emil, planning on ruining his Dad's day. via

Fast forward a couple of years. We move to New Orleans from Brooklyn. I'm a little bummed to leave NYC and friends, but whatevs. I knew that the Final Four was coming up, and the Rick had finally gotten enough talent and depth to compete. It was a disappointing regular season, but I still had a vague hope that they could do it, as we had procured seats to the games this weekend through the NCAA lottery.

Just a short while ago, we had another little Card fan, Oldham, and another Big East Championship to celebrate. So it seems more than possible that UL will make it to NOLA for the games. The coincidences between the 2 kids' birth years, in combination with similar runs in 2005/2012, make the win over Florida almost an inevitability. I'm thinking I have Fortune and Karma on my side.


Oldham, dreaming of celebrating a national championship on Bourbon St. via (Mike included this in a News and Notes in January)

Then I was asked to be Godfather to one of my best friend's kids the same day as UL plays UK.

In Miami, FL.

And I'm going there instead of the games.

So what I'm saying is, my sacrifice of tickets to the biggest UL/UK game since 1983 better earn all of us enough karma for us to win this whole Goddamned thing.

Go Cards

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