Biggest.Game.Ever Preview!

Here we are folks

We are back in the Final Four for the first time in 7 years and we go up against the 1996 Chicago Bulls... First off I wan......



(More whispers)

"Not the 1996 Chicago Bulls? Well that's certainly what everyone is making them sou..."

(Even more whispers)


Excuse me folks I have breaking news that the team that I have mis-understood to have been our opponent for next Saturday is cross state rival Kentucky Wildcats.

Sorry I got confused because all I hear about from them is how unbeatable they are!

I digress.

We face Kentucky next Saturday is possibly the biggest game ever for both programs. No we will never get too see Ali vs. Tyson, or Barry Bonds vs. Babe Ruth or Montana vs. Manning; But we do get to see one of the best college basketball rivalries square off to see who gets to represent the greatest basketball state in the 2012 National Championship game.

First off I want to be as humble as i can and (vomits) congratulate the University of Kentucky for making it's second straight Final Four.

Louisville has been on a tear the last month winning 8 straight including winning the Big East Championship while defeating two Top 10 teams during the streak(Marquette, Michigan State)

As a Louisville fan, watching yesterdays lights out shooting performance from Florida in the first half was horrible. Every shot Florida put up I knew was going in.

But Coach Pitino switched up his match up zone to man to man in the second half made it impossible for the Gators to connect from behind the arc and Louisville crawled back in it even with the man who has carried his team throughout the whole postseason Siva, fouled out.

How They Got Here: Kentucky

Arguably the most talented team in the nation was on the nations longest win streak before falling to Vanderbilt in the SEC Finals. The Wildcats have been on a tear since then winning every game by double digits.

Kentucky defeated Western Kentucky by 15, defeated Iowa State by 16, Indiana by 12, and Baylor by 12.

Watching Kentucky the last two games have been real interesting. Indiana gave them a game and Baylor made it seem like it was going to be a good game first five minutes.

How They Got There: Louisville

In a season where fans were calling for his head, Rick Pitino found a way to get his Louisville squad hot at the perfect time, the beginning of the Big East Tournament where Louisville would win four games in four days. Three of those games were revenge games from the regular season with Marquette and Notre Dame.

Louisville hasn't been as convincing as Kentucky but has had quality wins in their Final Four run. They beat Davidson by 7, New Mexico by 3, Michigan State by 13, and Florida by 4.

I feel that if we survived what Florida threw at us we can survive anything. Pitino looks fully engaged and he ain't playin' no games.

Iowa State and Baylor looked terrified of UK's athleticism. Indiana wasn't afraid at all and they took it to Kentucky but if they knew how to play defense then they would of handled the Wildcats.

100% of the pressure is on Kentucky and Louisville is not afraid of this team. They've proved they can run with this team and showed that no matter how much talent UK has they can be rattled.

Louisville is a better team than they were in their 7 point loss to the Wildcats December 31, and Kentucky is still the same quick powerful team they were on that day too.

Kentucky has lost in the tournament the last two years against the Big East winners, and Louisville hasn't lost a game in their new infra-red jerseys. Their last time sporting the infra-reds, they thrashed the #1 seeded Michigan State Spartans by 13 and did what no one thought they would do and that's take State out of their tempo.

This week should be very fun and great for the state of Kentucky.

See you Saturday, brother.



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