Roller coaster ride: the extreme season

Hello fellow Chronocloids-figured I’d type something up being that I’ve got a rare opportunity to do so. Here’s some thoughts or perhaps what can be considered as a diary of how the season has been for this Card fan.

What a roller coaster ride this season has been thus far, eh? I think this has been one of the most chaotic seasons I can remember. We start 12-0 and things are looking marvelous, then the wheels start to fall off. SVT with the mysterious knee injury, Rak goes down with yet another ACL injury, Marra suffers the same. Team suffers from inner turmoil, harsh things are said about the boys by some on the internet, and some players take to heart. Team meeting is called by the players and all the sudden they’re looking like they have “it” again. Then wait…maybe not.

Fast forward to the last few regular season games. Fans are fed up with the same old stuff, grumblings of “next year” fire up. Several, including myself think it may be time for CRP to consider moving on or even retiring.

And so then the BET begins. I’ll be honest, I didn’t think they were going to accomplish a whole lot in the Big East Tournament. I figured they would win one game, solidify a NCAAT berth and move on. Boy was I wrong, and couldn’t be happier about it.

The boys play a great first game, rolling through Seton Hall by 14 (!) and give us all that feeling again. Marquette time-and oh what a game! CRP with a crafty game plan, and Cards by 13. Let the infra-RED campaign/revenge begin! The positive feeling is hardly containable now. They just might do this!

Notre Dame is next. I had a very bad feeling about the burn offense going in to this one. How do they respond? By throttling ND by 14 points. Yes, they do it again. These Cards that most had started to feel uncomfortable about are putting yet another magical run together.

Cincy up next-a team that most had pretty much written off far as any major threat to the field, pulls off an upset in their semi final game against Syracuse. By this point my confidence in the team is fully renewed, and sky is the limit. I felt as if they definitely had a legitimate shot at winning the BET. Tip-off time and they come out swinging. Great game until Siva comes up limping in the second half. I’ve watched several nail biting, heart palpation inducing games over the many years as a Card fan-this one is one of the worse. In true Cardiac Card fashion, they keep it close to the end. Not until the final steal and the Siva airplane does it set in. Holy crap, they did it. Fist pumps, hell yeahs and high fives fill the twistedwedge living room. The feeling of elation is almost overwhelming. This team just won the conference tournament trophy in what is widely considered the best basketball conference in the nation!

The journey continues. First round game the Cards draw a very dangerous Davidson team, and get to play 2300+ miles from home. 2300 miles, by far the furthest any highly seeded team has to travel. It seems as if once again, the odds are stacked against us.

Game time. 1:40 (!?) tip. Cards and Wildcats come out playing like they both refuse to go home. Questionable ref calls create an immense amount of anxiety-Gorgs is sidelined with three quick fouls, two of which are what the student section would dub “bullshit”. The boys refuse to let it sway their rediscovered swagger. Siva slices and dices, puts on a show for “Sivaville” and the Cards come out on top. The dream continues.

Next is New Mexico. Perhaps the team that matches up the best with our beloved Cards. Game scheduled for a late night Saturday tip on St. Pats day. Excitement, anxiety and nerves are at season highs. Beer is enjoyed in generous quantities. A trip to the Irish Rover for a meal-my entire family are Card fans, so there was plenty of discussion about the upcoming game. Most of us are riding high on how well they have played, and in mutual agreement on how Siva is finally playing to the potential we all knew he had. Head home for the game. It’s finally time.

Both teams come out swinging and a slugfest ensues. At certain points I was so worked up a quick trip outside was in order. Yelling at the refs, fist pumps, jumping up and down…I’m sure it was quite the sight. They build a comfortable lead, and the infamous scoring drought “happens”. Please God, not again. The game winds down, Drew Gordon does superhuman things I can’t believe. For a split second I thought this magical run was going to end. Russ Smith decides to be Russtacular, and the boys pull it off!

To say I’m proud of these boys is a severe understatement. I’m so happy for them for what they have been able to accomplish. The amount of adversity this team has faced and endured is unimaginable. In my humble opinion most teams wouldn’t have been able to turn things around like they have. What looked like another “well, there’s next year” season has turned into one of the greatest I’ve been witness to. CRP has once again shown he is the coach of this team, and deserves to be here. Regardless of what happens in the Michigan St. game, I feel like this year has been a huge success. To win the BET in the final “power year” is amazing. Thank you, Cards. Thank you, CC. This season has been awesome as a fan. Such a privilege to be a part of this.

I’ve been asked the question: “Why are you such a passionate Cards fan?” This season is why. These boys know they have to play together and put the team first. It’s like poetry in motion. So much can be taught from what is exemplified by what this team has done this year. Awesome. That is all.

Next is: Michigan St. Let the revenge tour continue, and GO CARDS!!!!

Sorry for the lengthy post…I’m back in school full time at age 33 and it has been quite the challenge to find any extra time to post, so I saved it all for one I guess. Thanks for reading!

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