Why the Pitino bashing?

With all this talk about Pitino having lost it I wanted to make sure you realize something. This is the same team we had last year except for:

Preston Knowles (graduation), Mike Marra (ACL), Rakeem Buckles (ACL), Stephen Van Treese (Knee) and T. Jennings (left early)

The additions to the team were:

Angel Nunez (who has a tremendous upside but wasnt expected to make a large impact this year), Zach Price (who still needs to put on 25-30 pounds to be able to play center in the Big East), Kevin Ware who wasnt illegible until mid-December (to be honest it didnt look like he dribbled a ball for 5 months but has looked better of late and Chane who has lived up and beyond our expectations. O yeah then there is that kid from chicago named Wayne Blackshear who was suppose to be a potential one and done for us. He missed basically 9 months because of shoulder injuries and it is going to take time for him to develop back into the player he once was.

To recap then we basically traded Preston for Chane. So why is everyone surprised that our offense is struggling? It isnt like they were an elite offense last year. Kyle and Chris (who are both great shooters) can beat very very very few off the dribble. Chane and Dieng are both still learning to play with their back to baskets. Peyton shot, though has been better in the past month, still needs a lot of work. Then you have Russ who no one knows what to expect.

Take a look at the last two losses. We lost at Cincy when Kyle was 0-11 from the field. I think that is the first time since he became King Kyle that it has happened so we probably wont see that again this year. By the way he was been much more aggressive with taking his shot against south florida. Then against South Florida Russ didnt make a field goal and I think he shot 2 free throws. I could see that happening to Russ again because sometimes i wonder how the hell the ball goes in the basket.

By no means am I saying we cant make a run in the tournament because I completely believe we can because our defense is really damn good but lets think a little about the team we will have next year. Starting siva, blackshear, russ, chane and dieng. Then you also have Rozier, Marra, Price, SVT, Nunez and Ware available off the bench. I know this sounds crazy but think about what could be if they can manage to stay healthy.

If next year we still struggle and everyone is healthy i may start to think that its time for a change but the fact is that its not time yet.

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