My Name is Chick,... and I'm an Addict

I find it very interesting that so many people are already giving up on this season. I've seen, and heard people saying that they hope we just lose out and go to the NIT,.... for various reasons. I heard a guy on the radio this morning predicting that we would lose 86-47 this weekend committing 20 plus turnovers,... and he was dead serious. I don't understand this mentality. I do understand that people are frustrated beyond belief right now, especially after losing to South Florida. Mike wrote what we were all thinking last night when he said it was, "the lowest he'd been at any point this season." But,... there is still 2/3rds of the season to be played out.

As I type, I know they'll say, "you're crazy Chick, the last game of the season is tomorrow." Well, so what? If I remember correctly, when we lost in the first round of the NCAA Tournament last year, lots of people wrote the entire season off as a failure. If I remember correctly, when we lost that game people said that Tournament results are all that matter. If I remember correctly (and I do, bye the way), people have pointed at that second consecutive first round exit, NON-STOP, as proof that Rick is washed-up.

They'll say, "didn't you just pen a post asking for Something to Believe In?" Yes I did; but, that doesn't mean there isn't still time for that to happen. Here's the deal.....

Hello,.... my name is Chick and I'm addicted to Cardinal Basketball. I've been an addict since 1991-ish; and, the addiction has gotten progressively worse over the years. In fact, the more I try to fight it and step back from it, the worse it gets. I sometimes find myself trying to convince myself that I'd be better off if I wasn't addicted, that I'd be better off if I just watched from afar, but then I realize that I can't just have a taste. I have to be all in or it's nothing at all. At this point, I'm positive it's an addiction that I will take to my grave. I go through with-drawls every year between April and November,......... it's horrible, but I always come back.

When the season starts,... it's like slipping into that old worn out T-Shirt that you've had for like 15 years, right after you take a hot shower and get ready for bed. It's like Spring coming at the beginning of Winter. Sometime in mid October I start looking at the roster, the schedule, and breaking down all the games we (a) should win, (b) could win, and (c) will probably lose. However, I do that knowing that the regular season is only 1/3rd of what matters to me in this addiction; I know that the regular season is only a fraction of what will feed my cravings for the next 5&1/2 months. Is it important? Sure it is, it's the biggest part of what tells me how great our chances are of being successful in the final 2/3rds of the season. The final 2/3rds being the Big East and NCAA tournaments.

I still believe that this team has the potential to finish strong. I don't know if they will, or if they won't,.... anymore than anyone else does. That's the beauty of College Basketball, you guys; that a hot streak at the end can carry your season a looooong way. Last year the regular season was nothing short of amazing for me. The brand of basketball we saw played was beautiful, almost poetry in motion at times. The run to the Big East Championship game was equally amazing. I ended the season in shock just like the rest of you, terribly disappointed that we didn't go further than we did in the Tournament; but, it didn't ruin the season for me. Why? Because the first 2/3rds of it were awesomeness personified.

The final game of the regular season, which has admittedly been pretty disappointing thus far, is tomorrow and it's a big one. No matter what the outcome, that game will not determine how I end up feeling about this season as a whole. I'm hoping that this group can finally put together a complete game against a very good team, and use that as the cornerstone of a great run deep into March. I'm not pulling that red and black needle out of my arm just yet, because it's not time; and, I know that once I do I'll be waking up in cold sweats by the time the week ends.

Go Cards, Beat Syracuse!!

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