I've been here before

This suddenly feels like 2009 all over again.

After the second round game in 2009 versus a scrappy Sienna team, in which all of us had a near heart attack in that win, last Saturday's game against New Mexico felt the exact same way that the Sienna game felt.

That next Friday, we were set to play Arizona in the Sweet 16 and it was fun teasing my UofA friends at school of how we were going to win that game. That whole week I had an extreme amount of confidence leading up to that Friday evening game and made sure to talk smack everyday to all of my UofA fan friends. We all know how that game turned out.



Anyways, going to school today I had a friend ask me who Louisville played next. You know we have that one friend who knows your favorite team and roots against them. I told him Michigan State and he said:

"Yeah, yawll are going to get blown out."

This is a friend who became a Michigan State fan after the 2009 game just to rub it in my face.

Anyways, I responded in a natural fan way by saying that we were going to win. So now until Thursday I will continue to throw my L up every time I see him and talk trash, just like 2009 the week before going into that Sweet 16.

Michigan State depends heavily on Dramon Green to score for them, which causes their offensive sets to be played from a slow half-court game.

Louisville has the defense to wear their guards out and not give Dramon Green the opportunity to score, and if they try to make it a fast paced game and put the ball in Green's hand and rely on him to be their PG, then they got another thing coming.

Adrian Payne and Green are huge bodies down low, but come on we have one of the best freshman PF and the nations second best shot blocker ready to take them on.

Green and Payne got alot of wide open shots against Saint Louis yesterday and I just do not see that happening against us. I think State will come out thinking that they will win the game and overlook us and we will hit them in the mouth early like we did Marquette in the Big East Tournament.

We also have possibly the best three point defense in the tournament and we know how to contest the threes against good shooting teams.

In short, I don't see us losing to a team who depends on their big man more than their guards. Peyton Siva is the best PG in the tournament right now and if we run with Michigan State then we will run them out.

Pitino looks more focused than ever and has no distractions this time around against Michigan State, this team is ready to play and BEAT MICHIGAN STATE!

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