Do we have a Final Four run in us?

I agree with Mike and several other bloggers on here, I love our bracket.

Some ass holes like Gottlieb and Digger have us gone before the Suite 16 either losing to Davidson or New Mexico. Fuck them, Digger is still mad from Louisville whooping Notre Dame and Gottlieb has always been an asshole.

I honestly don't see why the media is so Gaga about New Mexico, i don't see them beating Long Beach State. I think we FINALLY get over the first round hump and Pitino is going to coach his life out for Davidson. After that I see a rematch with Long Beach State and we dominate that rematch as well.

Then we get to the bully of our bracket, the team that put Louisville out of the tournament that was Louisville's to lose, Michigan State. Shades of T-Will and Earl's final game against MSU still haunt me today, and I want that rematch. With all due respect to future Hall of Fame coach Tom Izzo, I think Rick Pitino is a better basketball coach, Izzo has always had the great players while Pitino is the best 'teaching' coach.

I think we get over Michigan State for one of the tournaments early upsets and end up playing Marquette who would be fresh off a win over Mizzouri.

Both Louisville and Marquette would both be coming off eliminating the West brackets favorites and will be a low scoring, physical game. But as we seen in the past, we are a more physical and more well conditioned than almost any team in the nation including Marquette. I think our offense will be slowed own but our defense will be top level.

We make a surprising UCONN like run into the final four along with college basketballs finest: Duke, Syracuse, and Kansas.

Sadly but inevitably, we run out of gas against Duke and Pitino is out coached by Coach K. But to me that is fine, we did way more than exceed expectations from where we thought we would end up two months ago.

After consecutive years of Syracuse being the favorite to win the Big East as well as the National Title, they finally get theirs this year. Their (what seems like) tenth year players finally leave and their off to another conference while we are stuck in what will seem to be a mid-major Big East conference next year.

We catch media attention and become a pre-season top 5 team next year with expectations of another deep, more successful tournament run.

I think we can do it guys, our men know there is no tomorrow and they are playing their hearts out. Siva will keep his intensity and Kuric will have a new start to trying to find his stroke in the big dance. Chane develops more along with Russ, giving them tournament experience that we can use as next year fire.

Let's do it guys, lets paint the bracket Infrared and show the world that The Ville is for real.

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