Chronicloids pick-em for the NCAA tournament

I created a Yahoo tournament pool just for my fellow Chronicloids. The group ID is 77181 and the password is interrobang. You can use this link to join and fill out your bracket. Entry deadline is 12:15 PM EDT on Thursday, March 15.


  • "First Four" games do not count.
  • Round of 64: 1 point per game, upset bonus multiplier=1
  • Round of 32: 2 points per game, upset bonus multiplier=1
  • Regional semifinals: 4 points per game, upset bonus multiplier=2
  • Regional finals: 8 points per game, upset bonus multiplier=2
  • National semifinals: 16 points per game, upset bonus multiplier=5
  • National championship game: 32 points, upset bonus multiplier=5
Upset bonus multiplier: if you correctly pick an upset, you get bonus points equal to the upset bonus multiplier for that round, times the difference in seeds. For example, if you correctly pick Louisville, a 4 seed, to beat Michigan State, a 1 seed, in the West Region semifinal, then you get 4 points (for the regional semifinal) plus a bonus of 6, calculated as 3 (the difference between the 4 and 1 seeds) times 2 (the upset bonus multiplier for the regionals).

NOTE: Yahoo is doing the scoring, so I can't say for sure; but I assume you get upset points whether you predicted the outcome to be an upset or not. For example, if you pick Memphis to upset Michigan State and Louisville to beat Memphis, then you didn't pick an upset in picking Louisville. However, if Memphis doesn't beat Michigan State but Louisville does, you still receive the upset bonus for the Louisville win even though you didn't predict it to be an upset. Is that clear? I didn't think so. Whatever. It's all conjecture on my part anyway.

Tiebreakers: you pick the final score of the championship game. The first tiebreaker is the closest total score to the actual total; the second tiebreaker is the closest score for the winning team, and the third tiebreaker is the closest score for the losing team. If the three tiebreakers fail to produce a winner, the prize(s) will be divided equally among the winners.


I cannot offer a prize of an automatic front page bump for your 1500-word essay on the merits of the BCS system or the advisability of inviting Strayer University to the Big East Conference; however, if you like, I will send you an autographed (by me) picture of an autographed (by Denny Crum) program from the latter's final game as the Cardinals' head coach at Freedom Hall.

Yahoo and DiGiorno are doing a promo offering a $10,000 prize for the best bracket submitted overall. Scoring for the $10,000 prize will use the above point values per round, but will not use the upset bonus. There's also a $5,000,000 prize for a perfect bracket. To be eligible for either of these prizes, you have to explicitly register for the promotion, and you have to give them your phone number. I don't know what they plan to do with your phone number, but I'm sure I won't see it. Unless you make it the name of your bracket or something.
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