Did anyone catch the post game celebration?

Before I start, it still seems unreal, WE ARE THE BIG EAST CHAMPIONS!

I feel like I am in an amazing dream that I do not want to wake up.

I was watching the replay of last nights game and at the end it showed the extended post-game celebrations and i noticed a few things:





well you get the point right?

While the PA announcer was calling the players up for the championship watches, well he kind of screwed up. First off he called the injured players first. When it got to Mike Marra he introduced him as "Mike Marka," unacceptable.

He also didn't announce one player, that player was Gorgui Dieng, UNACCEPTABLE and Dieng was robbed of his spotlight moment. The crowd recognized it and chanted "GORGUI, GORGUI, GORGUI," just after they called for Rick Pitino.

You could see just about a minute later while he was announcing the all tournament team, Gorgui came up behind Coach Pitino and said "Let me see that coach(Epic Gorgui accent)" Pitino let him see it as Gorgui looked amazed by the watch.

You could hear Pitino ask him if he got one and Gorgs shook his head in dissapointment. Pitino called for the guy on stage to notify him that a player did not get his prize as the man whispered back to Pitino what looked like some BS excuse of why they were short. Just after that Rick was generous enough and gave his watch to Gorgui.

Just after that as they were announcing the most outstanding player, the crowd roared and the camera was on Peyton Siva SR and he was cheering like there was no tomorrow and honestly, it brought a tear to my eye.

During the cutting of the nets, one of my favorite players on the team Kevin Ware wasn't helping his 'I'm not clumsy' case by struggling to cut the net down. I still love you Ware.

Aslo, I saw one of my all time favorite NBA players, J.R. Smith decked out in nothing but Red UofL gear celebrating with the players, it was awesome.

This is the most amazing team I have ever watch play in Louisville uniforms. I love this team with a passion and the whole celebration I was smiling, crying, throwing my L up and clapping.

This team deserved this more than any team in the Big East and they proved it beating 3 of the top 4 seeds in the tournament.

I love this team, I love this blog, I love you guys, and hope to see us cut the nets down in New Orleans.

Love you guys, hit me up on Fcaebook or Twitter.


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