Reasons to feel good about tomorrow!

Well guys we are off to our second consecutive Big East Championship game and our third in four years.

What a run it has been, lets keep it up. Who else was DYING for a post-game Digger Phelps?

Now here are some things to take in mind and help you feel a bit more optimistic about tomorrows game.

We played a UCONN team running off pure adrenaline and running off Big East Player of the Year; Kemba Walker. Cincy doesn't have a star go-too get us out of sticky situations player that UCONN did.

We already beat a team with this years conference Player of the Year Jae Crowder and Marquette, not only did we win, we stomped on them.

I revert back to the whole Kemba thing; Cincy doesn't have that player that the refs will treat like a star just like last year when you even glanced at Kemba it was a foul.

The main reason we lost to Cincy a few weeks ago is because of HORRIBLE officiating our TERRIBLE three point shooting plus a Peyton Siva that wasn't the Peyton Siva we have seen since three days ago and only lost by four on the road. Also, Cincy threw us off with DEEP three point shots that we didn't know how to guard, I assure you Coach Pitino will find a way to defend that better.

Cincy didn't play the Gorgui Dieng that played tonight's game against Notre Dame where he scored 16 points and shot 100% from the field(8-8).

Minus Preston Knowles and Terrence Jennings and the addition of Chane Behanan, we have the exact same team that was in this same position last year. We have the big game experience where Cincy players have never been there nor has Mick Cronin. Our guys know what to do and what not to do in order to handle the biggest game in MSG in the college basketball season.

Peyton Siva is on a roll, and best believe he is in the drivers seat of this Louisville machine.He is hitting petal to the metal while proving he is the best PG in the Big East and top in the nation. Our D has looked amazing the last two games as teams have been struggling to get passed half court with Russ-quito and Siva breathing down their neck.

Marquette, and Notre Dame both beat us in the regular season and we look to finish the 'Revenge Tour' against Cincy, a team we should of beat as well. We lost to Notre Dame because Siva was not normal and our team chemistry felt like it was at an all time low. We lost to Marquette because our D blew a 16 point lead and didn't know how to guard Darius Johnson-Odem or Jae Crowder.

Officiating seemed pretty fair tonight and if we get that same officiating that we had tonight two weeks ago, there is no doubt we would of beat Cincy.

I think the composure of our leaders (Siva, Kuric, Smith) who have all been in this game before will be the difference in tomorrow's game. I think Cincys players will get overwhelmed by the bright lights (and bright jerseys)and have a Syracuse hangover and willc rumble into our hands.

Let's get this win CARDS and bring the Big East Championship back to The Ville where it belongs. I love this team, I love you guys; goodnight!

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