Let's Get Some Good Karma Going!

My fellow CCers:

I know this isn't going to be something you expect a FanShot to be about, but bear with me please!

I'm raising money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Muscle Walk on March 24th here in Louisville. The MDA is a great organization that uses money raised for both research and for providing excellent care to children and young adults diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy.

If you don't know what Muscular Dystrophy is, it's a degenerative disorder in which the person experiences a gradual weaking of the muscles and eventual loss of muscle tissue. Unfortunately, since the heart is too a muscle, it eventually gives out and many people diagnosed with MD don't make it past their 20's.

They send kids with MD to summer camps to meet other kids with it so they can build relationships and get exercise. MDA fixes and maintains wheelchairs and other equipment these children need, and it's a great cause.

My brother-in-law, Tim, was diagnosed with Duchenne's MD (there are several types) as a child. He is a great person and a genuine joy to be around. I want to do all I can to help families like ours and people like him.

So, I ask of you all this and only this: please consider donating at the link below. Also below is the link to the homepage of the walk, just so you all know this is legit. I spoke with Mike earlier today and he approved of me posting this before I did anything. I wanted to make sure he was alright with me taking things slightly away from Cardinal sports for a minute or two.

My Donation Page is here, if you're interested. Here is the link to the homepage, if you'd like to make sure it's legit (it is).

Even if it's just a dollar, that helps! Every dollar counts, and we can make a huge difference together. By donating, you're becoming a part of the solution to one day helping find the cause of MD and ways to counteract it and slow it or prevent it altogether.

Don't forget....charitable donations are tax-deductible, and it could build up some good karma! We all know that this team could use some good karma in the next few games, too. It couldn't hurt to try!

If you've made it this far, thanks for reading. I hope I've at least convinced you to consider donating to the cause. I really appreciate anyone who decides to help us out in this way.

Thanks and GO CARDS.

Corey aka guardcard

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