Card Chronicle Anthem- "Today Was a Good Day"

Thought the site could use a new jam, and who better than Ice Cube to bring the heat....

(Better if you listen to the song while you read along) Go Cards!

Sung to Ice Cube's "Today was a Good Day"

Just waking up in the morning gotta thank God
I don’t know but today seems kinda odd
Cards jersey on my dog, no prob
No Cats fans on Strong’s 9th favorite blog
Throw my clothes on as I prepare to roll out
Bench Marra clothes for me, Rick’s suits were sold out
Open the door and to my surprise
A cardboard box labeled “J. Goodman’s contest prize”
I gotta go cause I got me a Malibu
and depending upon the day there’s no telling what it might do.
Today it started without hesitation,
Surely a cause for a minor celebration.
And everything is alright,
peeped out the schedule and the Cards are playin tonight
Called up the boys and I’m askin y'all,
which channel are the Cards playin basketball?
Mike Gleason’s voice makes me crumble,
Hope The King stays The King, drops a triple double
Fat Wayne didn't even steal my lunch tray,
damn …it feels like DePaul Day

Roll up to the Yum! with some power,
Hit the bar cause the tip ain't for an hour
My fans want photos so they ask me,
As they snap the Cardinal strolls right pass me.
I’m flexin, as he turns and looks back in my direction, I show my
You’re in the Cardinals house and we never take no crap
Best damn arena on the whole f'n map
Shake em up, shake em up, shake em up, shake em
Russ is playin dirty with ankles now watch him break em
With a pick, pick and roll, pick and roll, I’m talkin bout a high post
pick and roll
Their poor legs they be shufflin'
Little do they know, everyday he’s Russellin'
Chane’s pulling boards down like for everyone he’s getting paid
Damn it feels like DePaul Day

Left the barbershop with a high fade
Picked up my boy, a Cats fan since the 12th grade
Its ironic, he reads Cats Pause I read the Chronic
What happened to the Supersonics?
At the house throwing back two 40’s
Looking through pics of the Top 10 Gorgui’s
Then C5 shoots deep, so deep, so deep puts the ‘D’ to sleep
If we go up by 1
They never hesitate to put the full court press on
Up by 20 and we’re coasting
Rick’s looking to score calls out the 2-3 motion
I was glad everything had worked out
Dropped my boy off heading home on a new route
Today was like one of those fly dreams
You’d think I was ‘Bullet’ the way I heard the girlies scream
Perfect Brownies at home I plan to murder,
Just saw Wayne pound another burger
Sure wish Rak could get rid of his limp, I miss Otis G’s boot of pimp
Getting old but no growing up
Cards fan for life, 22,000 showing up
Things are going great, what else can I say
This had to be DePaul Day.

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