Hey ! Why 2 Out of 3 Ain't Bad...

Seldom have I seen a game analyzed in such excruciating detail as this Syracuse game.

Mind you, as I left that game, I too had my mind swimming with a recriminating, long list of items that had caused our downfall.

And it has been most illuminating --and fairly entertaining-- to see the minutiae presented by Eric Crawford with his second-by-second breakdown of the final key play.

And yes, I know this game had potentially big implications as far as ultimate NCAA seedings go.

But... I say get off your red-and-black pogo stick and grab a handful of perspective: Just 10 days ago, we had our truly most important player--Gorgui-- go down with a severe ankle sprain. I have no doubt it still pains him and limits his hops.

At that moment--with Gorgui going to be at least severely hampered, and with the team still just gaining some much- needed momentum--three huge games loomed in front of this team: a talent-laden UConn team right away, then a trip to dreaded Morgantown and a solid and desparate WVU team, and then quickly a visit by the #2 team in the nation--who probably would be undefeated if it had had its star center in the one game it had lost.

I say to you now, Card and CC Nation: Who among you would have predicted that we would have annihilated UConn, beaten WVU, AND then barely lost to Syracuse? Who among you would not have been absolutely and drunkenly thrilled if a crystal ball had revealed that scenario to you at the moment Gorgui fell to the floor and then hobbled to the finished?

So...while I'm pissed as hell that we lost.... I'm also elated that this last week has turned out like it has.

We are again clearly demonstrating to me that we are a top 10-15 team...and that we can legitimately play with ANY team in the nation--right now! Fat Wayne is even in the house now, which just tells me that even more upside is possible.

So I say to you, take out your Woodford Reserve and pour a tall one! You, dedicated Card fan, deserve it, and so does the team, if they could drink it. Let us toast the week that was!

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