Manifesto to Charlie Strong and Card Nation:

Dear Charles Strong, if you choose to leave our program and pursue other interests I want to thank you for a job well done. I want to thank you for all of your efforts and your tireless work bringing a good program back in line with the great.

If you don't want to coach at UofL because you think there is a better opportunity out there for you, please go pursue it. We prefer to be the school of choice with our coaches and our entrance into the ACC, where we walk in with the largest athletic budget in the entire conference, a LEGIT Heisman trophy frontrunner, what will surely be a top 10 team loaded with talented juniors, an athletic director and president committed to investing in what it takes to be a Big Time football program ( this includes giving coaches a raise when their record was only 9-9 and they had yet to prove they were actually worth it, you know that kind of raise you would give to somebody you are GENUINELY committed to) will all surely make us attractive enough for PLENTY of fantastic coaching candidates.

So again, thanks for everything, thanks for getting us back to national prominence, thanks for Teddy, thanks for crowd surfing after we beat those dirty Coon Heads at WVU, thanks for smoking UK and Cincy again.

A sincere thanks to you sir and good luck in your future endeavors.

I for one don’t wish to be someone’s second choice, especially if that someone cries at their introductory press conference because after 25+ years in their profession NO ONE had ever taken a chance on them and then 3 years later acts like WE aren’t good enough.

Finally, I'd like to say, don't let the door hit you where the good lord split you. If you don’t want to be here, I for one, don’t want you to be here so leave and please do it quickly.

Now onto my fellow feathered brethren, please don't do our program the disservice of posting "oh whoa is us" posts on FB or cry about the hypothetical BS that I'm ranting about in this post and definitely don't fall victim to petty jealousies that are the foundation of Kitty Kat Nation.

Tom Jurich is THE premier AD in the nation and he has one Kragthorpian blemish on his entire career hiring coaches in over 25 different sports at UofL and I'm confident with his commitment and our new ACC home (Don’t forger about Teddy Heisman) that we can attract a better class of coaches than we ever have been privileged to court before. You know the type of coach that actually views us as a destination, not just another rung in the ladder.

A coach that can continue the successful track that our train is heading on. I know we have been bitten more than most and are as insecure as a pageant queen at a mathalon judged by the blind but things are different now in the ACC. We've never had a REAL seat at the grown ups table or the resources that comes with that association.

However, I do have to add that when we look in the mirror with blurred mascara and ask "why, why would you leave Santa Strong?"

It seems to me to be a pretty easy question to answer and even easier to correct.

1) Show up

2) Actually be in your seat for kick off. Seriously. For every game, not just UK, just 5-7 times out of 365 days in the year.

2) 50 degrees is not cold for football, it's what's referred to as "football weather".

3) Sitting in the rain sucks. Losing Charlie Strong as a football coach sucks worse

4) When your team is undefeated, how about coming to the game. Again, BEFORE it actually starts

5) When your team is 9-1 and honoring seniors that bleed and sweat for your entertainment and somehow endured an entire season under the Krag... Show the F’ UP! Get in your seat and cheer BEFORE the game.

6) 40 degrees and sunny is not bad weather for a football game

7) Noon is not early…ever… but especially on the weekend. Sorry, it's just not. You can show up to drink at nine but can't get in your seat until 12:30 = pathetic.

8) If you aren't going to go to the game because it's 40 degrees, or rainy or too early, give your tickets to someone who would like to go or who is already going so they can at least try to give them away. Don't waste your money.

You are seriously ruining this thing for the rest of us. For those of us who remember free UofL Football tickets with Rally combo meals. You have no place to whine and cry or be mad or sulk or ask over and over "why us". THIS IS WHY US! ... And until WE get serious about football, don't expect a seriously GREAT football coach to take our program seriously.

For Serial!

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