Ideas for NOLA

Hello you wee little beasties. I live in NOLA--here are some ideas for people visiting.

Favorite Pub in NOLA: Finn McCools - Banks btw Jeff Davis and Carrolton
Hands down best neighborhood bar in the city. Insanely cheap and full of expats, soccer fans, and assorted detritus. Opens early on the weekends for soccer games (6:45-ish) and open late. The downside is that it, like anything else that is not downtown, requires a car.

2nd Favorite bar: Avenue Pub — St Charles Ave a few blocks east of Washington. Easy streetcar. Great beer and very good bar snacks.

French Quarter/ Marigny area:

- All Besh places are great, but Domenica is a great pizzeria/italian resto in the CBD.

- Molly’s at the Market and Ryan’s pub are good FQ places a few blocks from Bourbon st.

- One Eyed Jacks is venue/bar on Toulouse/Royal with a good jukebox.

- Cochon on Tchoup is incredible

- So is Capdeville, also in Central Business District

- Cosimo’s: One of the few locals-only bars in the FQ that you would want to go to for more than a quick drink.
Good pizza.

Frenchmen Street at night is well worth a ramble. Virtually all bars have music, mostly good and avoids crap of the FQ. Also, best lady-watching in the city as far as I know.

Snake and Jake’s Christmas Bar, Oak St btw Broadway and carrolton. One of the filthiest and most fun dive bars I’ve ever been to. I fucking love this place. Doesn’t really pick up until after midnight. Then it gets berserk
If you are there before 9 or so, there is a crockpot of meatballs. You may or may not catch scabies from said meatballs. I have been here at 6 PM before. Take a cab.

F&M’s — another late night place. Tchoupitoulas near Valence. Doesn’t pick up until late.

The Saint — late night metal bar.

For great local food without having to put up with the bullshit of famous places with ridiculous wait times, try High Hat Cafe. Freret at Jena. Best catfish I’ve ever had in my life, and a very nice bar attached. next door is a terrific pizzeria/salumi place called Ancora.

Casamento’s, Magazine at Napoleon. One of the best oyster places in the city. They only open 8 months a year or so to take advantage of the harvest.

Good po-boys, again without ridiculous waits and needless overcharges:

-Parasol’s — Constance St in the Garden District. Around the corner on Magazine St is Tracey’s, which is also fine, but a bit of a shitshow.

-Parkway is famous for a reason. In Bayou St John near City Park. easy to get to from downtown by car.

-Guy’s — Magazine St btw Jefferson and Napoleon (i think). Very good, but keep annoying hours and closes for no good reason

Good luck, see you all in a few days, and stay safe out there

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