10 Reasons Why Louisville Will Win the Sugar Bowl

I do not have to say how important this game is to the future of our program. However, I have put much thought into this game and it truly is the most important game that we will likely ever play. The impact this game will have on recruiting, national image, confidence for next year, etc., is beyond substantial. We all are hoping to go to NOLA and return with the win, here is why in my opinion we will win the game.

1.) HCCS

Charlie Strong just turned down the SEC and a $3.5 million contract. He wants to get this win to validate his decision to stay to the college football world, not just to himself; and, you know he is aching to show Florida what they missed out on.

2.) Our Defense Will Finally Show Up

We all remember last season. Our defense was young and every game we won was because of them (for the most part). We all felt like the defense would be even better this year, but that hasn't fully happened. With a month to prepare under a defensive minded HC, our guys will be ready.

3.) Teddy Bridgewater

No need to say anything else.

4.) Our Secondary vs. A Poor QB

Jeff Driskel has 11 TD, 3 INT, and only 1,471 yds. this season. Our secondary will likely not be called upon much, because Florida knows Driskel is not a great passer. (Note: Against BOWLING GREEN J.D. was 10/16 for 114 and 1 TD... Have fun Hakeem)

5.) Corvin Lamb The Dark-Horse

We all remember the hype about this kid over the summer, but being third on the depth chart kept him from doing much. However, we got glimpses of him at Syracuse with his huge catch and run, and then he averaged 6.2 yds a carry against Rutgers (a top 5 Defense).

6.) Our Passing Game vs. Their Secondary

Yes, Florida has a great defense. However, they have allowed multiple QB's to throw for 200+ against them (i.e. Vandy, Bowling Green) and Teddy is the best pure passer that the gators have faced all season (yes, they played Johnny, but I believe Teddy is the better passer of the two).

7.) Us Fans

UofL fans travel so well, and I believe that the team will respond when we do multiple CARDS chants and scream and boo.

8.) The Offenses of the SEC

The best offense that Florida has played all year is Texas A&M. Honestly, the SEC does have great defenses, but their offenses tend to be suspect at best. We have a good offense and I would say the second best offense they have seen all year.

9.) Close Game Experience

In no way do I see this being a blow-out. If we keep it close, I love Teddy in the 4th driving for a tie or win (actually I love him always no matter what). Not to mention we do have a good record in close games this year.

10.) Bowling Green, Missouri, LA-Lafayette...

All gave them trouble at home! On a neutral field against us (we are better than all three) I like our odds.

My thoughts. GO CARDS!

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