The Florida Gators' Offense: A Statistical Analysis

This analysis of the Gators' offense won't be nearly as in depth as the one I did on their defense. Mainly because Florida's offense is, well, Florida's offense. After splitting their games into core and cupcakes, the only constant is that they're awful at passing the football. Driskel doesn't throw many interceptions but he doesn't throw for many yards either. He can run but hasn't really done a whole lot in that regard either. Basically the UF coaches simply ask him to care take of the ball and not turn it over.

UF runs the football. That's their identity but then again they only rank 35th in the country in rushing.

Here is a breakdown of their averages:


Points Scored-26.8-25.8-27.7

Passing Yds-143.9-123-164.8

Rushing Yds-194.5-175.3-212.8

Predictably their passing and rushing yards went up or down depending on their level of competition, but their points scored stayed within a single point either way. Their time of possession is right there with our ranking. They like slow, methodical drives just like we do. There's really just not much to their offense. Their scoring offense is a complete puzzler since they can score 14 points on a tough LSU defense but can only manage 23 points against a bad FCS opponent at home (Jacksonville State).

It really is just this simple: Florida is horrible at passing the football and pretty good but not great at running the football. Here are their season offensive rankings compared to ours:



U of L

Total Offense



Scoring Offense









TOs lost



Sacks allowed



TFLs allowed



Red Zone off



T of Poss



3rd dn conv



Everyone can point at difference in the competition on our schedules, but that doesn't explain the fact that UF has struggled to score points all season, ESPECIALLY when their defense doesn't take the ball away from the other team. There's not much else to say because it's pretty cut and dried.

One stat to think about that could seriously impact this game is penalties. UF ranks an abysmal 112th in penalties per game. While our 88th isn't stellar, it's still not as bad as 112 out of 120.


Florida doesn't score points in bunches without using their defense that is ranked 5th in turnover margin. They have a high time of possession like we do. Defensively Florida doesn't get many sacks or TFLs but rely on an athletic secondary to make plays on the ball. The stats say that if the spread stays north of 14 points take the Cards and the points. Oh and bet the under. I don't care what the number is, just bet the under. The big X factor in all of this is Teddy Bridgewater. He's the most complete QB that UF has seen all season. If Teddy doesn't throw any INTs and U of L slows UF's running game down a little (they don't have to completely stop it) then U of L can most certainly win this game. If UF happens to come out disinterested in this game, then we will most certainly be right there with a chance to win the Sugar Bowl at the end.

Realistic prediction: UF 21 U of L 10

U of L fan prediction: U of L 24 UF 17

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