'Twas the night before Wrist-mas....

Not as good as my Ice Cube "DePaul Day" remake but okay...

'Twas the night before Wrist-mas, in New Jersey; Piscataway. The win and loss totals were going the wrong way. Cards fans were nervous but continued to cheer, in hopes that Oranges soon would be near.

CardNation went to sleep all dressed in their red, with visions of BCS bowls stuck in their heads. The wife in her birdmask and me in my cap, were hoping that Teddy could handle each snap.

I recall the sack and the crowd start to chatter, I arose from my seat to see what was the matter. It was Teddy on the ground his arm had been bashed, I feared our chances of winning had just been dashed.

The sun shown bright as he moved real slow, the fans eyes were focused on the man down below. When what to my wondering eyes should appear, but Teddy on his feet as the Cards started to cheer

With a limp in his step and wrist swelling quick, I was stunned with his actions, this guy took a lick! During the week, the praise it all came, no one could stop bringing up Teddy’s name.

Now ELI, now PARKER, now LAMB and WRIGHT, On SMITH, on KAI and COPELAND's got fight! To the top of the conference we bring it all, Oh L Yes! L Yes! L Yes to all!

Under center or shotgun he let the ball fly, 300 yards plus he easily blew by. The spirals were magical as the ball flew, DeVante with a touchdown and Honey Hustard got two!

As the temperature fell and the snow hit the roof, Rutgers was stunned as they witnessed the truth. Teddy had torched them, “How” they persist, “with a limp in his step and one broken wrist”?

The Knights never touched his hand or his foot, his jersey was clean no tarnish or soot. The team he had carried right on his back, with help from the big uglies who allowed zero sacks.

His eyes, usually fierce, now looked quite merry. “He can be better” Charlie whispered..”ain’t that scary”. His footprints were left as he walked through the snow, pack up the bags CardNation to Miami we’ll go.

Jurich’s smile was from ear to ear, “Big East Champs” he said, “That’s like 10 this year! How good can we get, I guess we’ll see. In two years I got us ballin in the ACC!”

Charlie was laughing enjoying the reign; Like Bedford said “Get the hell on the train”. Keep focused and we grab BCS win number two. Let the kitty kats laugh…that’s two more than you.

Jurich said not a word, just stared at Coach Strong, the suspense was killing him he’d waited so long. Charlie arose with attention aplenty, “Louisville is my home…through 2020.”

Sunny Will erupted with whistles and screams, 'The President' blew kisses to the offers from other teams. In the back of Teddy’s mind, the Heisman was in sight. Merry Wrist-mas to all and to Rutgers…goodnight.

Lets' do this!

Go Cards!

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