The Recruiting Rundown: 2014 Preview

Conference realignment. The ACC.

Ballin' in the Bahamas.

Game vs UConn this Saturday.

Recruiting is definitely on everyone's mind! After the signing period last week, we signed a really solid 2013 class. It may conceivably have 3 five star players (247 already has Jones and Rozier as 5s). But the 2014 class... If you want stars, look no further. Here's what you need to know.

1. Louisville will look to stregthen its frontcourt After signing Jones, Rozier, and Gill, our backcourt is done for years to come. Now, we will be looking for big men and a wing. Remember, when these guys reach campus, Gorgui will be gone, Behanan will too most likely. Blackshear may transfer (TO THE NBA). We will need frontcourt reinforcements for Harrell, Agau, Price, and Mangok.

2. Louisville will be very picky with who it pursues. We can pretty much handpick who we want to go after, because we will not have any glaring needs that have to be taken care of (think point guard this year). Unlike normally, you're going to hear more about the five stars at the top more than the middling four stars.

3. We already have a star in Quentin Snider. Snider has absolutely exploded up to the top of the national rankings, and garnered five stars earlier in the year. He may not move up any more, but he is going to be a fantastic prescence in the backcourt for years to come. Don't worry about Slimeball down the street taking him away- his commitment is as solid as it gets.

So, with no further ado, I present the intial list of interested prospects.

OK, since the guys at SBNation made the fanpost system retarded ( I can't post the table of players- nice, Rutherford) I'll just put a link

here. By the way, why do you have to literally push a paragraph button to make a new paragraph rather than use the enter key. Gebus, guys.

Alright, here are where I am classifying recruits

The Trey Lyles Division

Trey Lyles, PF, *****, Indianapolis, IN. Ranked #5 in the nation overall

Think Marquis Teague here. RP wants this kid. And he wants this kid to be a Cardinal BAD. He is a faceup, 6'9" powerforward who would thrive in this system. Really a great player who would be a monumental commitment. We will go all out to make him a Card. Shaping up to be a crazy battle between us, UK, and Carolina.

The Priority-ish Division

Jahlil Okafor, C, *****, #3 overall

Cliff Alexander, C, *****, #4

Kevon Looney, PF, *****, #6

Theo Pinson, SF, *****, #10

JaQuan Lyle, PG/SG, *****, #12

Rashad Vaughn, SG, *****, #13

If you wanted to know how loaded this 2014 class may be, look no further. Now, is Louisville going to be heavily pursuing every one of these kids the whole way? No, note the use of priority-ish. These are the kids that have the best potential to be pritority recruits. Okafor and Alexander are crazy good centers that routinely dominated the 2013 center this past summer. Both are in a neutral battleground in the Chicago area, that's a plus. I am a bit worried, though, as DePaul will likely get involved. In all seriousness though, Okafor is interesting enough. Rick Pitino was the first to call him when the communications rules were lifted way back when in July.

Alexander has seemed to suggest that UK and Michigan State are the early favorites. Looks like this may be an uphill battle, but we certainly have the firepower with keatts, Jones, and especially Richardson in the midwest to pull this off. I figure UK gets this one, but the good thing with that would be that it would leave us Okafor. I like that.

Pinson would be a beast in RP's system big 3 that can knock down the triple. I definitely want this guy, he has a scholarship offer, but I'm not sure if we'll be able to pull him out of Carolina. I definitely think that we will try though.

JaQuan Lyle... here's an intriguing prospect. He's the only true guard that we're still recruiting (Vaughn could play the three here). We've been recruiting him for a very long time now, and he is very good friends with Q Snider. He lives in Evansville, so it is pretty obvious that the main competition is in this year's power triangle. UofL, UK, and IU. Ohio State is also in pretty goood too. He visited for the UofL-UK game, and has visited on multiple other occaisions. He has always talked about us really highly, even as a sophmore in high school. It's way too early to tell, but I have a good feeling with this one. I think the only real road block for us is if he wants to play PG, and UK kind of has a knack for those. The optimist in me likes our chances though.

And then there's Rashad Vaughn. The guy is a scorer, and it seems like we want to get involved, especially since we arent (BOMBSHELL) recruiting DeAngelo Russell. I have no idea about this kid other than we are recruiting him.

Whoops, forgot about Kevon Looney. Here's another guy I would love to have. He is 6-8 and has guard skills out on the wing. It's too early to make anything of this recruitment, so there's not a lot to say here. On to the next division.

The Swingmen

Justin Jackson, SF, *****, #15

Isaiah Whitehead, SF, ****, #39

Justise Winslow, SF, *****, #7

Jalen Lindsey, SF, *****, #19

Not gonna lie, I know next to nothing about these guys, but Isaiah Whitehead has an offer. Maybe one of these guys becomes a priority, but I just don't know. I think that Lindsey is a prospect that we have a good shot with, especially considering his location in Tennessee, but again, I don't really know.

The Best Of the Rest

Shaqqan Aaron, SF,****, #28

Elbert Robinson, C, ****, #58

Trevon Blueitt, SF, #49

These are all very good players who we would recruit a lot in any other class, but with how selective this one will be, I would say all of them are backup plans (then again, I said that about Akoy and look what happened). Blueitt has visited a few times, and is a name to watch.

So, if all else, I think these are the biggest names to watch. I would watch Lyles, Okafor, Lyle, Looney, Lindsey, Pinson, maybe Jackson or Whitehead, and Blueitt closely. Another name is obviously DeAngelo Russell, and who knows, we make pick up recruiting him again. But for now, that's all that I've got to say.

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